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Tumble dryers

Here you can find the list of all available appliances.

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  1. Overview
  2. Product classes
  3. Tips and information

Usage Tips

1. Loading of Laundry

Please make sure the loading does not exceed the maximum capacity of the machines. Overloading would lead to higher chance of spare parts depreciation and affect the lifespan of appliances. This also causes poor washing cleaning result as there is insufficient space inside the drum for washing.

2. Empty the Pockets

To avoid loose particles from trapping at periphery of washing drum or hitting the appliances during high speed rotation, which would damage your laundry or appliances, those objects such as coins should be taken out from laundry before washing. You are also suggested to buckle all buttons or zippers and flip clothes before putting them into the drum.

Trouble Shooting

1. E01

Condenser (heat exchanger) blocked / clean

2. E02

Condenser (heat exchanger) blocked / clean

3. E03

  • Condensation tank full or filter blocked
  • Condensation drainage hose blocked or kinked

4. Filter / filter display is lit / flashes

  • Condenser (heat exchanger) blocked / clean
  • Exhaust air hose blocked / clean

5. Water tank level indicator is lit/flashing

  • Condensation tank full or filter blocked
  • Condensation drainage hose blocked or kinked

6. Leak

Seal on the door or maintenance flap dirty / clean

7. Does not function

  • Check socket
  • Appliance is not warming up
  • Door not closed properly

8. Does not heat up

Exhaust air hose blocked / clean

9. Drum not turning

Door not closed properly

10. Door not closed properly

Time jumps due to load

11. Result Problem: Creased washing

  • Dyer is overloaded
  • Washing creased when spun in washing machine

12. Drying time too long

  • Condenser (heat exchange) blocked / clean
  • Exhaust air hose blocked / clean
  • Washing too damp when taken out of wasing machine
  • Spin speed too low

13. Unsatisfactory drying result

  • Exhaust air hose blocked / clean
  • Warm washing feels damp
  • programme stopped
  • unsatisfactory drying result
  • Knotted washing
  • Different types of washing

14. Error Code "CL"

Childproof look activated

15. E16

Door open.

16. E17

Check tap

17. E18

Pump blocked/ clean pump

18. E29

Check tap

19. E32

  • Imbalance detection function
  • “E32” appears alternately with “END” after program completion in the display field

20. E33

Foam detected / foam discharge

21. E34

Door open

22. F16

Door open

23. F17

Check tap

24. F18

Pump blocked/ clean pump

25. F29

Check tap

26. F32

Imbalance detection function

27. F33

Foam detected / foam discharge

28. F34

Door open

Dryer models

Which dryer is the right one for you?

In order to make your dryer purchase a real success, there’s one vital question that needs answering before shopping: What model suits your specific needs and your spatial conditions?

Distinctions are made between heat pump, condensation and exhaust air dryers. Below you will find dedicated information an each of the dryer types.



Programmes for perfect results.

Equally whether normal or sensitive laundry – the innovative Siemens programmes determine the entire drying process individually as well as via sensors to the requirements of your laundry.

Get to know a selection of the many Siemens programmes here: