For everyone who wants to really enjoy cooking.

With the new FQ.1 food preparation set from Siemens, cooking becomes a very exclusive experience. This high-end combination of premium compact food processor, hand blender, juicer, hand mixer and all-purpose chopper combines advanced technology with discriminating design, for exciting looks, exclusive features and high precision.

Performance, and more - the FQ.1 premium compact food processor.

Whether light wok dishes, smooth shakes and smoothies, chopped ingredients or fluffy batter - there are few dishes that cannot be made easier, faster and better thanks to the powerful motor and extra-large mixing bowl of the FQ.1 universal food processer from Siemens.

The speed can be adjusted steplessly. There's a moment function for brief high speeds and a pulse function for working in intervals, as for example when crushing ice.

Over 45 functions, for 1001 ideas.

Stirring, kneading, chopping, beating, puréeing, grating, rasping, blending, chopping - with over 45 functions, there's little that the compact FQ.1 food processor doesn't do well.

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Very powerful. Very fast.

Whatever you want to make, the 1250 watt motor delivers the desired results quickly and in perfect quality. Even on the tougher jobs. The speed can be adjusted steplessly.

If you need a little more, there's the 3.9 l mixing bowl.

The transparent plastic 3.9 l mixing bowl lets you make big batches of dough quickly and in one go. The filling aid and stuffer make it easy to add baking ingredients.

The FQ.1 juicer with ceramic blade for maximum juice yield.

With the new FQ.1 premium juicer from Siemens, every day starts off healthy and delicious. With its new world exclusive ceramic blade, the juicer quickly gives you all the freshness and variety of your own juice creations, with perfect results and without a lot of cleaning hassle.

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