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Explore perfectly integrated design.

Experience kitchen excellence

Welcome to Siemens iQ700 integrated appliance range

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Siemens’ iQ700 built-in appliances combine contemporary design with cutting edge technology to rethink kitchen living. Appliances in the iQ700 range can be installed in limitless combinations giving you the flexibility to create a kitchen that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Innovative features such as varioSpeed allow you to cook to perfection in half the time, and intuitive, full colour displays put you in complete control.

Get a smarter connected kitchen.

The Home Connect App helps you to really connect with your kitchen, allowing you to control your oven and get essential cooking information wherever you are. Download the mobile app and you’ll also have access to an interactive user manual and a range of recipes created especially for Siemens with the settings sent wirelessly to your oven.

Get great results in half the time.

Siemens iQ700 ovens have a built-in microwave so cooking times can be cut in half* with the same great results. Combining two cooking techniques in a single oven is a quick and convenient way to prepare perfect dishes, giving you more time for the finer things in life.

* Comparing an oven without microwave (e.g. HB676GBS1) to an oven with integrated microwave (e.g. HM676G0S1).

Get complete control intuitively.

Siemens TFT Touchdisplay Plus allows you to take intuitive control of your cooking. The high-resolution display uses animation for instinctive understanding while touch control couldn’t be easier to operate. Just select a program and Siemens will do the rest, making cooking more convenient on every level.

Siemens iQ700 Ovens and Steam Ovens

Siemens iQ700 appliances are designed to help you get more out of your home and there’s an oven for every kitchen. The iQ700 oven range consists of two types: either with an integrated microwave or with an integrated steam oven, both designed to deliver perfect results.

Integrated microwave ovens

Siemens integrated microwave ovens make kitchen living more convenient and save considerable amounts of space.

coolStart by Siemens

With coolStart you’ll never have to preheat your oven again. Siemens coolStart function rapidly heats the oven allowing food to be cooked from frozen without wasting time.

cookControl Plus by Siemens

Thanks to cookControl Plus, cooking has never been easier. Just select the type and weight of food you want to cook and let Siemens do the rest.

pulseSteam by Siemens

Take your cooking and baking to another level with pulseSteam by Siemens. The steam function adds moisture for perfectly crisp crusts and allows you to reheat dishes without drying out.

bakingSensor by Siemens

Innovative sensors measure humidity in the oven to regulate the cooking process and tell you when the dish is perfectly baked.

activeClean® by Siemens

Siemens’ activeClean® self-cleaning ovens use pyrolytic technology which super-heats the interior, turning cooking residue to ash which can then be wiped away. A special catalytic coating on the telescopic rails, rack and trays helps to keep components clean.

Multilevel LED-illumination

Keep a close eye on your cooking with multilevel LED illumination. With adjustable lights on every level your dishes will always be perfectly lit, no matter how many levels are in use.

Product registration

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Siemens Service

Discover endless ways to get the most out of your Siemens home appliance through Siemens customer service. The Siemens Online Support Center as part of Siemens Service offers a wide range of options to make sure you get the best care if support is necessary.

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