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The new generation of Siemens irons.

Experience the future of ironing today?

Nothing could be simpler. With irons iQ700 and iQ500 from Siemens.

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perfectSelect. Easy operation is the name of the game.

perfect select

perfectSelect from Siemens isn't just another operating element. It's a revolutionary new user interface that gives to ironing a brand-new simplicity. Whether your laundry pile is large or small, whether the fabrics are delicate or sturdy: with perfectSelect, your ironing is under control – and completely intuitive. Instead of two separate controls for temperature and steam pressure as was formerly the case, now you can choose from a number of customised, pre-set programmes with just the tip of a finger. They're easy to select while you're ironing and just as easy to change.

Steam compressor from Siemens
Steam compressor from Siemens

The perfect ironing result in the fastest time? Nothing could be simpler with the powerful steamCompressor!

steam compressor

The iQ700 Iron with perfectSelect and steamCompressor. Choose the perfect programme with ease. Use deep, penetrating steam for perfect results. Perfectly flat, wrinkle-free laundry requires steam that doesn't stop at the fabric surface. The steamCompressor function uses penetrating steam to produce perfect ironing results. The powerful integrated motor ensures constant steam pressure for continuous penetration deep into the fabric. Even multiple layers of fabric are easily smoothed.

Your ironing done with just one touch? Nothing could be simpler with the allTextile function!


The iQ500 Iron with perfectSelect and allTextile. Choose the perfect programme with ease. Iron all fabrics using just one setting. Whether delicate silk, cotton or durable linen – with allTextile, you can iron any ironable fabric using a single setting and always achieve the same perfect results: totally wrinkle-free laundry. allTextile saves time and spares you the tedious job of sorting your laundry before ironing. iQ700 Irons also have the allTextile function.

Optimal flexibility with maximum performance.

startStop Control

startStop Control guarantees optimal safety when ironing. Nothing could be simpler: An intelligent sensor in the handle automatically shuts off the iron whenever you put it down, and instantly heats it up again the moment you resume ironing. Your laundry is perfectly ironed while you remain stress-free.


This quadruple* cleaning function with a selfClean valve, calc’nClean, a built-in antiCalc system and a special descaling liquid is the height of professional descaling. 4antiCalc maximizes the service life of your iron, thus saving you money.

*The iQ500 Steam Iron has the 3antiCalc function; the descaling liquid must be purchased separately.


When your iron wears this symbol, you don't have to worry about regular descaling. The calc’nClean Timer reminder function makes sure that the cleaning interval is never too long. Thanks to the calc’nClean Plus function, the descaling process can be performed quickly and conveniently.

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