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powerSensor Technology.

Intelligent vacuuming: with bag. No losses.

The Siemens vacuum cleaners with powerSensor Technology: performance won't decrease even when the dust bag fills up.

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About 50% of users of vacuum cleaners with bags complain about the reduced cleaning performance of their vacuum cleaner. The reason is the increase in the contents of the bag, which blocks the airflow in the appliance, preventing thorough cleaning. That's why we have developed the Siemens powerSensor Technology.

Many vacuum cleaners possess class-A certification for their energy efficiency. This alone, however, is not a significant factor. Some vacuum cleaners attain an additional “A” for their dust emission class, while only a few vacuum cleaners are awarded with an “A” for their cleaning performances. However, their energy efficiency usually suffers.

¹ Suction power Q 8.0 with powerSensor in comparison with a Q 8.0 without powerSensor (lab setup – not commercially available), measured in accordance with IEC 60312-1:2011-11, chapter 5.9. No loss of performance thanks to increasing motor power (W).

Clean performance with no losses.

Airflow is impeded as the bag fills. Even a small decrease in performance can have a huge impact: Reduction in performance of just a few percent can allow more dust to become embedded deep in the carpet - an ideal breeding ground for house dust mites. The more thorough the cleaning performance of the vacuum cleaner, the smaller the problem.

Innovative powerSensor Technology from Siemens.

A sensor located in front of the bag (1) and a second sensor behind the bag (2) measure the pressure in the appliance and transmit this information (3) to the processor (4). This calculates the performance level and compensates for possible losses by providing the motor with additional energy when the bag fills up.

quattroPower Technology.

The quattroPower Technology is the high performance technology from Siemens for first class cleaning results with low energy consumption.

1. highPower motor:
Technical innovations from Siemens: the energy-efficient highPower motor ensures a thorough cleaning performance with extremely low power consumption, thanks to the optimised aerodynamic blower blades.

2. powerProtect dust bag:
This highly efficient, multy layered micro fleece dust bag enables a high filtration and an excellent air flow for an especially thorough cleaning performance, even when the dust bag fills up.

3. Optimised seals:
A comprehensive sealing system minimizes possible losses of air, an important requirement for thorough dust pick-up.

4. High-performance nozzle:
A new generation of high performance nozzles guarantees a high amount of dust pick-up on carpet and hard floors.

The new powerProtect dust bag.

The new powerProtect dust bags with XXL volume reduce the hassle of changing filter bags and follow-up costs. The electronic dust bag replacement indicator informs you when the dust bag has to be changed.

The dust bag's hygiene lock ensures additional cleanliness when changing the dust bag. The finest dirt particles may be dispersed when many bagless vacuum cleaners are emptied, whereas the powerProtect dust bag can be sealed. This enables the full dust bag to be removed and disposed of easily.

The two-stage hygiene filtration of Siemens vacuum cleaners with powerSensor.

Fine dust in carpets and cracks poses health risks for infants and the elderly in particular. This makes thorough cleaning all the more important, and requires a filter system that retains fine dust where it belongs: in the dust bag.

What many people don't know is that the modern dust bag from Siemens retains the finest particles. So, only a few particles even reach the downstream allergyPlus filter. This is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, and ensures pure exhaust air with dust emission class A.

Flexible turning, quick parking: Four swivel wheels and an extra-long cable.

The four swivel wheels, together with the 12-metre operating radius, make the appliance highly mobile and stable, and also easy to manoeuvre in all directions. Despite its high performance, the Siemens powerSensor vacuum cleaner is astonishingly manoeuvrable, and is quick and easy to stow away, thanks to the parking and storage aids.

Protection for furniture and walls: softBumper Protection.

softBumper Protection ensures comprehensive protection of furniture and walls. Because the new integrated shock absorber provides efficient protection against black stripes and damage from knocks.

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