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Intelligent powerSensor technology from Siemens.

Maintains optimal performance, even as the dust bag of your vacuum cleaner is filled.

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Practically universal - G All dust bag powerProtect.

The custom-fit original dust bag lets you achieve optimal cleaning results and enjoy clean air.

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Your floor care experts – the right vacuum cleaner for every need. Siemens gives you the choice of a wide variety of vacuum cleaners designed for different needs, all of which give great results. From rechargeable handheld vacuums for a quick clean to quiet bagged vacuum cleaners for large homes, their convenience and ease of use make vacuuming a true pleasure. More than just innovative technology – Siemens vacuum cleaners also impress with their modern design, quality materials and precise workmanship – as well as with their many practical details and outstanding ergonomics.

תווית האנרגיה החדשה של האיחוד האירופי עבור שואבי אבק.

תווית האנרגיה החדשה של האיחוד האירופי עבור שואבי אבק.

Thanks to the latest technology, not only do Siemens vacuum cleaners deliver impressive cleaning performances, they also work very energy-efficiently, meeting and exceeding the requirements of the new EU energy label. The top part of the label contains information on the energy-efficiency class and the average energy consumption. אך כשבוחרים שואב אבק, חשוב מאוד לשים לב לחלק התחתון של התווית משום שהוא מכיל מידע על גורמי נוחות מרכזיים. העדיפות הראשונה במעלה שלכם היא אוויר נקי? אם כן, בחרו שואב אבק בעל דירוג A לפליטת אבק. דירוג ביצועי הניקיון של שטיחים ורצפות קשות מאפשר לדעת את רמת הניקוי של שואבי האבק. And for quiet vacuuming, select a vacuum cleaner with a lower sound power level - that way cleaning won't be too loud.

Siemens autoControl - intelligent control on all surfaces.

Siemens autoControl - intelligent control on all surfaces.

The intelligent autoControl technology of the new Siemens vacuum cleaners enables you to vacuum without interruptions, even when you are cleaning a range of different floor types. This is made possible by a sensor in the device that measures the level of negative pressure and regulates it as required. If the negative pressure increases –when switching from hard floors to carpets, for example –the intelligent sensor automatically adjusts the motor power of the device to keep the pressure at a suitable level. As such, the vacuum cleaner automatically prevents the nozzle from adhering to the floor surface, ensuring a consistently pleasant cleaning experience.

Dust bag G ALL powerProtect.

Dust bag G ALL powerProtect.

שקית האבק היא רכיב מרכזי של טכנולוגיית שואבי אבק יעילה. It is designed to be an exact fit with the vacuum cleaner and the technical requirements. Your vacuum cleaner can perform at its best with original bags. G ALL PowerProtect dust bags help even low-wattage vacuum cleaners do a powerful job, even when the bag is getting full. They also offer a high level of hygiene: Siemens G ALL PowerProtect dust bags filter out 99.9% of fine particulates, and dispose cleanly with their practical hygiene closure. שקיות אבק מקוריות של סימנס גם מגנות ביעילות על מנוע שואב האבק, להארכת חיי המכשיר.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Siemens vacuum cleaners are high-performing and energy efficient. Whether on carpets or hard floors, Siemens offers a wide range of machines that thoroughly clean a variety of floors.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Siemens rechargable vacuum cleaners are the perfect helper for quick cleans. Completely without cables, they clean hard floors, carpets and upholstery quickly and easily.

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