Dust bag G ALL powerProtect.

Practically universal – the custom-fit original lets you achieve optimal cleaning results and enjoy clean air.

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The original is an excellent all-round choice.

The Siemens powerProtect dust bag is perfectly suited for all Siemens vacuum cleaner models. It provides 60% more suction power, filters out 99.9% of fine particles, is 100% custom-fit and, thanks to its long service life, boasts low subsequent costs. Certified 'Made in Germany' by TÜV, its quality is irrefutable.

The original is an excellent all-round choice.

When you use the Siemens powerProtect dust bag, you can rely on proven quality that has been ‘Made in Germany’.

100% perfect fit. *

No matter which Siemens vacuum cleaner you own, the original Siemens powerProtect dust bag is always the right choice for your device*. It fits perfectly inside all Siemens vacuum cleaners. Dust is securely routed inside of the bag and the motor is optimally protected, ensuring a long service life.

*With the exception of the following devices VS08...,VS01...

One dustbag suitable for all Siemens vacuum cleaners.*

Only the original Siemens powerProtect Dustbag suits perfect for your Siemens vacuum cleaner and ensures a optimal unfolding when the bag starts to fill up.

*With the exception of the following devices VS08..., VS01...

Enjoy clean air: 99.9% of fine particles are filtered out.

You can take a deep breath and relax! The original Siemens powerProtect dust bag filters out 99.9% of fine particles. An innovative four-layer filter system made of special, tear-resistant fleece material reliably keeps dust, pollen, bacteria and fungal spores inside the dust bag.


Thanks to the hygienicLock hygienic closure, you don’t have to come into contact with dust. The Siemens powerProtect dust bag can be completely sealed even before it is removed from the device. This means you can simply remove and dispose of the bag once it is full.

Enjoy up to 60% more suction performance.**

The original Siemens powerProtect dust bag guarantees up to 60% more suction performance than standard dust bags. This also applies when the bag starts to fill up. The bag is made from efficient four-layer fleece material, which ensures that suction performance remains high until the bag is actually full. Enjoy perfect cleaning results!

**Suction performance for partially filled bag (400 g) compared to Siemens Type G dust bags without powerProtect technology, tested in a device from the VSZ5… series.

The powerSecure system: Three steps to optimal cleaning performance.

  • The multi-layer Siemens powerProtect dust bag efficiently filters out fine particles without getting clogged.
  • A large dust compartment allows the dust bag to be fully unfolded and enables the even distribution of dust without obstructing the flow of air.
  • The air ducts on the motor protection filter ensure a strong air flow between the dust bag and the motor protection filter.

powerProtect dust bag

Benefits at a glance:

  • Up to 60% more suction power* compared to standard dust bags, even when the dust bag starts to fill up.
  • 100% suitable for all current series* up to energy efficiency class A.
  • Filters out 99.9% of fine particles, and can be cleanly disposed of thanks to the hygenicLock.
  • Longer device life: High dust retention capacity and a custom-fit bag closure ensure efficient motor protection.

*With the exception of the following devices VS08..., VS01...

RRP: €11.99 (4 bags)

Also available in an XXL pack!

This practical XXL pack includes 16 Siemens G ALL dust bags – enough for about four years.

That means you will always have a dust bag handy when you need one, saving you both time and money.

*With the exception of the following devices VS08..., VS01...

RRP: €44.99 (16 bags)

Product overview

Product Overview


VS06A110, VS06A111, VS06A211, VS06A212, VS06A230, VS06B110, VS06B110CH, VS06B1110, VS06B111CH, VS06B112, VS06B112A, VS06B113, VS06B113A, VS06B120, VS06B210, VS06B212, VS06B2348, VS06B2410, VS06BXXL, VS06C100, VS06C101, VS06C102, VS06C110, VS06G2080, VS06G208GB, VS06G2510, VS06G251GB, VS06H212, VS06M312, VS06MS212, VS06MS312, VS06T212, VS06V210, VS06V212, VS06V312

Q 4.0
VSQ4G332, VSQ4GP1264, VSQ4GP1268

Q 5.0
VSQ5X1230, VSQ5X1238, VSQ5X12M1

Q 8.0

Z 2.0
VSZ2NB100, VSZ2NB102, VSZ2NB120, VSZ2NC100, VSZ2NC101, VSZ2NPOWER, VSZ2V110, VSZ2V210, VSZ2V212, VSZ2V2128, VSZ2V217, VSZ2V312, VSZ2V3128, VSZ2V317

Z 3.0
VSZ31455, VSZ31456, VSZ3337, VSZ3A202, VSZ3A210, VSZ3A210CH, VSZ3A212, VSZ3A222, VSZ3A312, VSZ3A330, VSZ3A330S, VSZ3A331S, VSZ3A333, VSZ3A432S, VSZ3B200, VSZ3B202, VSZ3B210, VSZ3B212, VSZ3B230, VSZ3B232, VSZ3B320, VSZ3BXTRCH, VSZ3J110TR, VSZ3JUBI, VSZ3MULTI, VSZ3POWER, VSZ3XTRM11

Z 4.0
VSZ4G130, VSZ4G212M1, VSZ4G230, VSZ4G230S, VSZ4G232M1, VSZ4G232S, VSZ4G300, VSZ4G312, VSZ4G320, VSZ4G330, VSZ4G331, VSZ4G332, VSZ4G332CH, VSZ4G333M1, VSZ4G338, VSZ4G340, VSZ4GHART1, VSZ4GK135, VSZ4GM338, VSZ4GMJUBI, VSZ4GRED

Z 5.0
VSZ5300, VSZ5331, VSZ5332, VSZ5337, VSZ5SEN1CH, VSZ5SEN2, VSZ5SEN3

Z 7.0
VSZ7330, VSZ7530, VSZ7A337M, VSZ7A400, VSZ7M1

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