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Creativity meets technology with Kitchen Stories and Siemens.

Re-energise your kitchen with Kitchen Stories.

Introducing the new culinary partner of Siemens Home Appliances, Kitchen Stories. Experience Kitchen Stories recipes created with your Siemens home appliances.

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Founded by hobby chef Mengting Gao and cooking novice Verena Hubertz, Kitchen Stories inspires food lovers all over the world to cook and connect – via app or website. The Kitchen Stories platform is not only about great recipes but also offers practical kitchen tips and informative food articles. Combined with Siemens’ innovative home appliance features including varioSpeed and coolStart, Kitchen Stories will boost your passion for fabulous food.

Speed up your life: with varioSpeed.

You are always in a hurry but not willing to compromise on your diet? Enjoy an incredible selection of delicious recipes on the Kitchen Stories app. With the innovative technology of Siemens ovens with varioSpeed, your culinary creatings will be ready up to 50% faster without compromising on flavour. Expand your cooking options with varioSpeed and Kitchen Stories.

varioSpeed and coolStart, simply fast.

100% flavour and up to 50% time savings. With varioSpeed, dishes are ready up to 50% faster, using a unique combination of microwave and hotAir cooking. The coolStart function also speeds up the cooking of frozen foods - no preheating is necessary. Giving you the ultimate cooking flexibility.

Explore Kitchen Stories with Siemens.

Siemens Home Appliances not only make life easier, their innovative technologies bring the fantastic recipes from Kitchen Stories to life in perfection. Siemens kitchen appliances make cooking and baking a pleasure. After you have enjoyed your food creation, your Siemens dishwasher will ensure your dishes will be sparkling, ready for the next kitchen story.

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