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Seamless Life Report - the Foundations

In a Seamless Life everything works the way you want and expect it to, and the way you are managing it leads you to the next, life-enhancing experience. This is enabled by connected technologies that help you manage the complexities of everyday life for more control, self optimization and freedom. Living a Seamless Life is about recognizing that this enhanced lifestyle is a result of intelligent and inspiring behaviour and technology, aiming for continued excellence.

"All aspects of life work together coherently without unnecessary friction or conflict."
- Research participant

"Aspiring for a Seamless Life is about constantly seeking opportunities to live and flourish with a balanced portfolio of activities, with appropriate time for a variety of work, family life and personal projects. There is compatibility in eveything you do."
- Research participant

"It is about committing to life and being fearless and determined. Realising your potential in all endeavours and opening yourself up to new experiences."
- Research participant

Of the 6,000+ adults in Germany, France, UK, Russia and China who took part in the follow-up, quantitative study*, the majority continue to view the Seamless Life as both aspirational and attractive. Three-quarters (75%) agree that household appliances should, above all, save time in daily life while 58% value innovative technologies that make everyday living easier. Bureaucracy and paperwork (35%) are the leading cause of stress in each country surveyed, and, interestingly, more than half (51%) of all participants agree smart appliances should have the freedom to make decisions in the home by themselves. Meanwhile, when it comes to achieving a sense of ‘flow’, a third (33%) say they are best able to find it in the kitchen, with cooking second only to taking long walks or hikes (36%) as a way to escape the daily grind. This puts appliances like ovens and cookers front and centre of the drive towards the Seamless Life.

The way in which different nations go about integrating emerging technologies into their household is where specific cultural differences emerge. As a result, Siemens Home Appliances will continue to focus on delivering household devices and intelligent solutions that can answer to individual consumer needs thus providing a Seamless Life whatever the user’s individual needs or cultural preferences are.

Siemens Home Appliances enable a Seamless Life

It is the passion and need for excellence specifically demanded by these pioneering individuals that set the bar for innovations at Siemens Home Appliances. Through our rich legacy of German engineering, foresightedness and innovation in leading technology as well as refined design, we enable a Seamless Life for everyone striving for it. The potential of an innovative product to become successful depends on how well it responds to the demands of its time.

This is why we at Siemens Home Appliances continuously investigate consumers’ needs and uncover global trends that form the basis for the next exciting product innovation. Supporting and strengthening consumers in day-to-day tasks, and enabling them to spend time on what they strive for is our main priority.

Christoph Kilian, Chief Brand Officer for Siemens Home Appliances says: “Our study found that nearly everyone recognizes the key to unlocking a Seamless Life lies with intelligent technology that gives them control through simple, refined, innovative functionality – be it during working hours, workout and leisure time or at home. We at Siemens Home Appliances are committed to developing products and services that go beyond the traditional role of household appliances and turn the dream of a Seamless Life into a reality for our consumers around the world.”

A full range of connected Siemens Home Appliances is already paving the way today towards leading a Seamless Life. This allows our consumers to manage their household from wherever they are, whatever they're doing, supporting a perfect flow in their daily lives and enhancing their lifestyle with intelligent and exciting possibilities.

We believe it is important that people can use their time to achieve their greatest potential, not just for the Seamless Life they want to live today, but also for the Seamless Lives of tomorrow.

* Methodology of 2017 follow up study “Seamless Life: Perspectives from Around the Globe”

This quantitative study was conducted by Dr Chris Brauer and his research team in the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) at Goldsmiths, University of London. All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 6,175 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 10th July – 9th August 2017. The survey was carried out online, including 12 multiple choice questions. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all adults (aged 18+) in each respective country. Where the narrative report indicates that participants ‘agree’ it is summing the ‘strongly agree’ and ‘agree’ response options and where it indicates they ‘disagree’ it is summing the ‘strongly disagree’ and ‘disagree’ options.