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The Seamless Life

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The question, “Why do people strive for a Seamless Life?” emerged during a consumer study conducted by Siemens Home Appliances and the University of London. Two representative, quantitative studies involved over 13,000+ consumers in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and China. The following key trend appeared in the studies: consumers universally aspire towards a truly integrated lifestyle with intelligent technology at its heart – this trend is what we call a Seamless Life.

In a Seamless Life everything works the way you expect it to, and the way you are managing it leads you to the next, life-enhancing experience. Living a Seamless Life is about recognizing that this enhanced lifestyle is a result of intelligent behaviour and inspiring technology.

Five dimensions for a Seamless Life.

The study found that a Seamless Life is built on five key pillars: Flow, Mastery, Resilience, Augmentation and Serendipity. When all of those are in balance, a Seamless Life unfolds. While discussed separately, these pillars of a Seamless Life are all interdependent.


Attain a seamless flow.

Managing daily life in a frictionless way, is highly desirable. Central to achieving this flow are connected products and devices. Within a Seamless Life, technology should be flawless and synchronised, enabling life to become a series of small, personalised and optimised moments. Looking at the home, for example, if an appliance doesn't work, it becomes a major source of frustration to most of the respondents (80%).


The master of your life.

Living a Seamless Life doesn't happen by chance and is the product of motivation, intent and determination. People desire to be the master of their lives in an increasingly complex world. 90% of respondents tell us it’s important to be the 'master of their own time'. Technological innovations are key to achieving this.


You are an overcomer.

Life is full of tribulations, but dealing with challenges in a positive and proactive manner is essential when aiming for self-optimisation. In fact, more than 80% of respondents said overcoming obstacles and adversity is part of striving for a Seamless Life.


Augmentation empowers.

Intelligent technologies augment our capabilities by allowing day-to-day activities to be automated and enabling us to choose when we want control – wherever we are. There is strong evidence from our findings that people believe technology empowers them to become better in their everyday lives, a claim cited by 81% of respondents.


When life happens.

Even the most Seamless Life entails uncertainties. It’s therefore crucial that daily routines are managed efficiently to free up time for unexpected encounters, or opportunities that could ignite potential and inspire imagination. This requires technology to be trustworthy and adaptable to human need, cited as the most important aspects of technology by 90% of the respondents.

Technology: Enabling a Seamless Life.

The drive for a Seamless Life is continual, and innovations are a key enabler to achieve it. The study found that it is effective technology that gives consumers more control over their lives. In a Seamless Life connected technology is always present, but neither intrusive, nor obstructive. It is the door to new possibilities.

New Perspectives from Around the Globe.

In a follow-up study in 2017* we return to the Seamless Life and to our five countries – Germany, UK, France, Russia, and China – to better understand not just what makes up the Seamless Life, but how it comes to life in the everyday household and lifestyle practices of our research participants. Herewith some of the findings.

People attracted to a Seamless Life.

Of the 6,000+ adults in Germany, France, UK, Russia and China who took part in the follow-up, quantitative study*, the majority continue to view the Seamless Life as both aspirational and attractive.

Need appliances to save time.

Three-quarters (75%) agree that household appliances should, above all, save time in daily life.

Need technology to make life easier.

58% of respondents value innovative technologies that make everyday living easier.

Need decision-making appliances.

Interestingly, more than half (51%) of all participants agree that smart appliances should have the freedom to make decisions in the home by themselves.

Find a sense of "flow" in the kitchen.

When it comes to achieving a sense of ‘flow’, a third say they are best able to find it in the kitchen, with cooking second only to taking long walks or hikes (36%) to escape the daily grind.

Download the Seamless Life Report.

The report shows not just what makes up the Seamless Life, but how it comes to life in the everyday household and lifestyle practices of our research participants. Our research findings reveal Seamless Life readiness, awareness, and trends in everyday life. Discover in our report why people around the world strive for a Seamless Life and what it takes to live it to the fullest.

Downlod the report

How Siemens Home Appliances support a seamless lifestyle.

It is the passion and need for excellence, specifically demanded by these pioneering individuals, that set the bar for innovations at Siemens Home Appliances. Through our rich legacy of German engineering and innovation in leading technology as well as refined design, we enable a Seamless Life for everyone striving for it. The potential of an innovative product to become successful depends on how well it responds to the demands of its time.

Christoph Kilian, Chief Brand Officer for Siemens Home Appliances says: “Our study found that nearly everyone recognizes that the key to unlocking a Seamless Life lies within intelligent technology that gives them control through simple, innovative functionality – be it during working hours, leisure time or at home. We at Siemens Home Appliances are committed to developing products and services that go beyond the traditional role of household appliances and turn the dream of a Seamless Life into a reality for our consumers around the world.”

The 2016 quantitative study was conducted by Goldsmiths, University of London. All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 7,244 adults. (China n=1,061, France n=1,009, Germany n=2,098; Russia n=1,014; UK=2,062). Fieldwork was undertaken between July – August 2016. The survey was carried out online, including 20 multiple choice questions and one open question. The figures have been weighted on a country-by-country basis and are representative of all adults (aged 18+) in each country. Our second quantitative study was conducted in 2017 by Goldsmiths, University of London. All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 6,175 adults across China, France, Germany, Russia and the UK. Fieldwork was undertaken between 10th July – 9th August 2017. The survey was carried out online, including 12 multiple choice questions. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all adults (aged 18+) in each country.