Timing is one of the most important ingredients of every good meal.

This makes Ching-He Huang a real time expert: she is a successful British-Taiwanese TV-chef and food creative. Ching-He re-invents the age-old traditions of Chinese cuisine and time warps them into modern Western kitchens. But in doing so, her schedule has a lot more to manage than just mealtimes – as she also has to reconcile many different projects. What’s her personal recipe for time to manage all of them?

In Ching-He’s video, we get a glimpse of her life in London. What does time really mean to a chef? Does life become a chore when your profession consists of one?
Watch the video now and you might learn something new about making the most of your time!

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1. What’s your personal relationship with time?

Ching-He: I feel I am in control of my time. Or at least I "like" to be in control of time. I am organized as much as I can be, but I also like to be care free and flexible so that when an opportunity comes along, I am available. I also feel the need to slow down time; I try focus on the here and now by being "present" as I possibly can.

2. Did you learn something about time through your culinary experiences?

Ching-He: I love the fact that the Classic Chinese recipes I have learnt have been handed down through the generations and have become timeless. The use of the wok – the all-important Chinese cooking equipment has been around for over 2000 years – that is a lot of time! I also love the pace and timing of Chinese/Asian cooking, preparation takes time but when the ingredients go into the wok, the speed ramps up so timing, including the control of the heat, becomes crucial and differentiates a good dish from a great one. 

I always feel a bit magical, when I cook a classic dish. I feel I am cheating time, stepping into the shoes of those who have cooked throughout the centuries, mimicking their motions and tasting what they would have.

This idea that classic recipes were not a classic, and they have only been given the crown as they have stood the test of time. So, for new recipes and dishes, I always keep this in mind and I try to reinvent new classics, hoping that one day my dishes too will become a classic.

3. What tools do you use to manage your time? In the household, what helps you to be your best self?

Ching-He: By ‘cleaning and de-cluttering as you go’ and by being ruthless with ‘things’. Also my oven and handheld vacuum cleaner are my best friends at home.