Indeed, time is different for everyone, confirms Dr. Eram Rizvi.

And he should know, since he is a Particle physicist and renowned scientist. Eram teaches at the School of Physics at Queen Mary, University of London and is a part of various studies. Following complex theories about particles moving in many dimensions, he has a totally different understanding of what surrounds us – from the beginning of time to the present day. But does this help him conquer daily life?

In his video, we accompany Eram through London, the city where he researches, teaches and lives. Is time really relative to a scientist? And how do chores fit into the life of someone like Eram? Watch the video now and you might learn something new about making the most of your time!

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1. What do you think is most fascinating about the subject “time”?

Eram: What fascinates me the most is that time can warp and change and tick at different rates for different people. Quantum physics tells us that the laws of physics should be the same if time runs forwards or backwards, but on the cosmological scale, when we look at the physics of the observable universe this doesn’t appear to be the same. We don’t understand this.

2. What is the best way to manage one's own time?
How do you manage your own time?

Eram: For me, the best way to manage my time is being able to arrange my life remotely. I travel a lot, so being able to work when I want, wherever I am, or being able to mix work life with private life how I want to, makes life smoother for me.

3. Why is time relative?

Eram: Two people who are in relative motion watching the same event occur will not agree on the time at which a certain event happened! This is a consequence of the speed of light being a fixed speed for everyone. Time will tick more slowly for one person compared to the other! It depends on how they are moving past each other. Einstein completed his Theory of Relativity 101 years ago, and so far, every scientific test of his theory was shown he was right. Why does our universe work this way? We don’t know!