Catch every spark of light. With brilliantly dry glasses.

Every day deserves to be extraordinary. The best way to achieve that, is to start it in an extraordinary way. Imagine a moment in which all single impressions add up to an unforgettable sensation – with a perfectly brilliant and shiny glass in your hand. That’s what the new brilliantShine system with Zeolith®-Drying is made for: creating the perfect conditions to start every day with a highlight and sparkling glasses, that you can be proud of.

Discover the brilliantShine system: innovative features for inspiring dishwashing results.

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Innovative drying with a brilliant shine:

The innovative and patented Zeolith®-Drying technology is based on natural mineral inside your dishwasher which absorbs humidity and transforms it into heating energy. This results in particularly gentle but effective drying conditions.

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Brilliantly delivers what it promises:
the Shine&Dry option

The Shine&Dry option uses additional rinse water to swill all residues of detergent and also extends the gentle drying phase. This enables a shine you can truly rely on and creates a highlight, whenever you open your dishwasher.

Makes your glassware shine even longer now:
Raw Water Valve

The new Raw Water Valve is an automatic water softening system for a long-lasting sparkle. It counteracts both glass corrosion and lime deposit, and optimises the whole cleaning process by pumping fresh water into the cycle.

Specialised in gentle cleaning:
Glass 40° programme.

The Glass 40° programme is specifically designed to treat delicate glasses the way they deserve to be treated: carefully. It reduces time and temperature of the cleaning cycle and enables shiny results you can rely on.

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