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Dimensions and installation

Door opening



  • ICON_PH_Cookers_EcoClean

ecoClean works as you bake, roast or grill – a special coating on the inside of the oven soaks up grease and dirt and breaks it down, substantially reducing annoying odours. After you're finished cooking, the dissolved residue can be simply wiped away.

The special coating regenerates every time you bake or roast, so it lasts for the life of the appliance.


Programmes and functions

The innovative programmes and functions of Siemens ovens make your daily work easier, as even just a few examples show.


The automatic roasting feature offers up to 68 programmes for the professional time-saving preparation of meat, fish and vegetables.


The self-explanatory lightControl system lets you operate all of the programmes intuitively and reliably.


For more convenient operation.

For Siemens ovens you can choose from among several types of pull-out devices that let you access tins and racks particularly easily and safely.

Triple telescopic rails Plus

Thanks to the integrated stop function, these telescopic rails automatically engage on both sides so that they won't move when you put baking tins and racks back in.