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Home Connect: Manage your home appliances from wherever you are.

A world of possibilities. Connected to your home.

Interact with your Siemens Home Appliance in a completely new way and discover all the possibilities that let you take the next steps into the future.

Упорайтеся з домашніми клопотами. Навіть на відстані.

Manage your Siemens home appliances with Home Connect.

Гортайте вниз

The Wi-Fi enabled Siemens Home Appliances can already be operated through the Home Connect App. But now this technology connects your appliances with different partners – turning your house into a connected home. Discover how connectivity creates various new possibilities which enrich every aspect of your daily life. Open up for an innovative lifestyle and let the future move into your home.

Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions around Siemens home appliances and Home Connect.

For further information please visit the Home Connect Website .

Can I try out the Home Connect App before purchasing a home appliance?

The Home Connect App also includes a demo version which allows you to try out applications before you decide to buy a home appliance with the Home Connect function. For example, you can see how the washing machine programs are set or how you can have a look inside your fridge while being at the supermarket. In addition, there is a selection of recipes as well as cooking tips and tricks.

What does the app cost and where can it be downloaded?

The app can be downloaded and used free of charge. It is available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

For which iPhones, iPads and iOS operating systems does the Home Connect App work? Is the app also available for Android in the Google Play Store?

The Home Connect App works with all models and the new iOS 8 or Android 4.1 operating systems. In principle, the app is forward-optimized, i.e. it functions best with the latest device models and operating system versions in each case. These are currently the iPhone 6, iPad Air and the iOS 9 and Android 6.0 operating systems.

What extra costs will consumers incur for these smart home appliances?

Basically, the costs for the necessary household infrastructure will be kept as low as possible. Acceptance of smart home appliance control depends on two factors: concrete added value that we can offer coupled with flexibility in everyday life and transparency of information, as well as an attractive price. The Home Connect App can therefore be downloaded and used free of charge – and there are no hidden additional costs.

How easy is the installation of Home Connect at home?

With just 3 simple steps you can install Home Connect just by yourself.

1. Create your user account in the app with your name and your email address.

2. Connect your Siemens home appliance to your Wi-Fi. The Home Connect assistant on your appliance will help you with that.

3. Pair your appliance with the app. Get started and discover the surprising possibilities.

Visit the Home Connect Website for more information and details. Also discover our explanatory videos in which we guide you through the process.

Are there minimum requirements for Wi-Fi routers?

The Home Connect system functions with all 'normal' Wi-Fi routers on the market that also work with standard smart devices (smartphone, tablet). These Wi-Fi networks must be encrypted (WPA or WPA2 key). If the consumer's Wi-Fi network is not encrypted, the home appliance cannot be registered. Use of Home Connect is meant to be as simple and, at the same time, secure as possible for the user.

How do I know whether Wi-Fi reception will be available where I have my home appliance set up?

There are apps, for example the Wi-Fi Analyzer, which show users whether reception will be sufficient at the appliance location. Users can also measure the Wi-Fi signal strength with their smartphone at the appliance location.

Will it be possible to retrofit household appliances from Siemens? Can existing home appliances be equipped with Home Connect capability?

Retrofitting existing home appliances with connected intelligence is not recommended. Firstly, a solution installed later on is always less functional and relatively expensive compared to one that was integrated from the start. Secondly, home appliances are subject to special safety precautions which also have to be taken into account and checked when replacing electronics.

We do not recommend the use of so-called "smart plugs", i.e. controllable adapter plugs. They initiate a "hard" switch-off/on for home appliances, like with a power cut – it is not possible to provide such plugs with greater intelligence. Some home appliances do not like being cut off abruptly – for example, when they happen to be rinsing or heating. We therefore advise against such solutions.

The only Siemens products that can be retrofitted are fridges that are marked as „Home Connect Ready“. By purchasing an adapter, called dongle, you can remotely control your fridge via the Home Connect App. However, the available functions are only limited and you will not be able to look inside your fridge as the Cameras inside the appliance are missing.

Can other home functions (light, heating, blinds) also be incorporated into the Home Connect system?

At the moment, other home functions cannot be integrated. Home Connect will initially focus on the cross-brand integration of home appliances in an app.

What about the issues of data protection and data security?

Home Connect has developed and implemented a comprehensive security concept. This also includes regular system checks to guard against professional hackers. It relies on the latest encryption technology and its system is also checked thoroughly by independent experts. Home Connect App has been awarded the TÜV TRUST IT "Trusted App" label. This seal covers aspects such as encryption and data protection in accordance with the German Data Protection Act, as well as verification of internal and external compliance regulations.

Legal disclaimer

Please note that availability of the described functions and features varies across products.
Home Connect is a service offered by <legal entity1>.
Home Connect is only available in selected countries.
To use Home Connect, you have to create a user account and register with <legal entity1>.
For more information on Home Connect please visit the Home Connect Website: www.home-connect.com.

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