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Water Heaters

Siemens water heaters

Enjoy hot water. Directly to you.

Heat your water right where you need it, with decentralized water heaters from Siemens.

Exactly the right appliances for hot water. With the feel-good factor.

Enjoy the convenience of a decentralized hot water supply. Siemens modern appliances heat your water right where you want it, and to the temperature that's right for what you need it for. So you don't just get water at the right temperature, but also quickly and efficiently in terms of energy.

Small storage heaters

Instantaneous Water Heaters

It’s never been easier to produce hot water without a tank: With the CLICKFIX plus® installation kit, it takes three short steps to install a Siemens instantaneous water heater. Our range of models – hydraulic, electronic, and compact – are elegantly slim, intelligent, energy efficient and safe. No need to hide them!

Small Storage Heaters

Intelligent features, sophisticated technology, extremely well insulated, safe – Siemens small storage heaters are big performers. They can provide a few liters of hot water for under a washbasin or kitchen sink without taking up too much space or energy.

Siemens wall mounted water heater

Wall mounted Water Heaters

Supply your entire home with hot water from a Siemens wall mounted water heater. These efficient hot water heaters have a special coating to protect the inner container and ensure a long-lasting and hygienic operation. A high-quality insulation also ensures minimum heat loss.

Siemens floor mounted water heater

Floor mounted Water Heater

Supply an entire home or several apartments with the Siemens floor mounted water heater.

Siemens water boiler

Water Boiler

Siemens water boiler are simple to install and use. They hold as desired 5 liters of warm, hot or boiling water ready. Perfect for a small demand of hot or warm water.

Innovation by Siemens home appliances


Breakthrough technologies so intuitive, it will transform your home. Simplifying your day-to-day, while inspiring a new way of living. Siemens innovations – enjoy the future, today. 

Get fascinated by our Siemens Home Stories

Home Stories

Experience the fascination of urban living spaces, where cutting edge design fuses the modern, with the traditional and high-tech. Innovation and Design: a relationship constantly being reinterpreted by influential architects.

Siemens Safety Icon and appliances in background.

Important Siemens safety notices for Tumble Dryers and Dishwashers

If you own a Siemens Tumble Dryer manufactured in 2002, or a Siemens Dishwasher manufactured between 1999 – 2005 please act now.