Fresh, fresher, hyperFresh

With intelligent humidity controlled drawers to keep fruit and vegetables fresher longer, and Siemens iSensoric technology to ensure food is always kept at the right temperature, our new hyperFresh range of fridge freezers by Siemens represents food storage of the future.

Let your fridge take care of freshness

Food that stays fresher for up to 3x longer
hyperFresh technology is designed to store your food at the ideal temperature and humidity level, providing the perfect environment to keep food fresh for up to 3x longer.

Store meat and fish at perfect temperatures
Our 0°C drawers are designed for meat and fish, keeping them fresher for up to 3x longer with ideal conditions near 0°C.

A longer life for vegetables thanks to humidity control
The humidity level in your hyperFresh drawers can be adjusted to provide the perfect environment for fruits and vegetables, giving you longer lasting freshness and helping you reduce waste.

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A fridge freezer that thinks for itself

Thanks to iSensoric technology from Siemens, our fridges and freezers regulate themselves and automatically adjust to provide your food with the perfect environment to maximise freshness.

freshSense monitors the precise temperature inside and outside of the fridge freezer and adjusts to keep it at the correct level at all times.

The hyperFresh sensor ensures the independent cold circuit on the hyperFresh premium 0°C always keeps meat and vegetables in prime condition.

Our noFrost sensor will keep an eye on your freezer to deliver the ideal defrost cycle and prevent the build-up of frost and ice.

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Sheer convenience

Every aspect of our fridges and freezers feature advanced German engineering to provide innovative features and technology that make your life easier and keep your food fresher. Amazing features and technology are matched by efficiency that lowers energy bills. Sheer quality, sheer convenience.

Siemens noFrost

Thanks to the intelligent noFrost sensor, you’ll never have to defrost your freezer again. The built-in sensors automatically provide the perfect defrosting cycles for the compartment to avoid the build-up of ice and frost on the inside.

Say goodbye to chipping away at ice or spilling water all over the floor. noFrost does it all.

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Home Connect

See what's in your fridge anywhere at any time. Using cameras installed in the fridge and the Home Connect App, it's easy to get a clear view of what's inside.

LED Illumination

The interior of your fridge is perfectly lit through a long lasting anti-glare spotlight in the ceiling and integrated shelf level LED lights in the side walls.


Easily control all the functions of your fridge freezer through the easy to navigate intuitive touchControl panel.

multiAirFlow System

Air is circulated throughout the fridge to maintain an even temperature and cool down warmer food entering the fridge 40% faster.

Flexibility to fit the space of your kitchen and good looks wherever you place them.

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These all-rounders will do everything you need in terms of keeping food fresh and stored safely.

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Get the ‘wow’ factor in your kitchen and lots of extra storage space.

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