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Siemens presents: fabric cleaning and revitalising with sensoFresh technology

Gentle, thorough cleaning without water or detergent.

Welcome to the sensoFresh washing machine revolution. Fast and effective odour and bacteria removal for all clothes.

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Siemens washing machines with sensoFresh technology make it fast and simple to remove odours from all kind of fabrics and clothes, even dry clean only items and delicates. sensoFresh’s revolutionary active oxygen system neutralises smells in just 30 to 45 minutes, without the need for water or detergents.

sensoFresh: Effective odour removal even on delicates

Tackle odours and germs with sensoFresh and safely take care of dry clean only items in your own washing machine. sensoFresh uses a fine oxygenated mist to clean and freshen up delicate and dry clean only fabrics, without using water or detergent. Your laundry gets hygienically cleaned even at low temperatures, and delicate items are protected. In fact, 99.9%* of all bacteria and germs are removed without using any chemicals.

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*Up to 99.99% reduction of E. coli, C. albicans, S. enterica, A. brasiliensis, S. aureus, bacteriophage MS2 in the washing programme „Mix cold“ with liquid laundry detergent at recommended dosage and a load size of 4 kg – investigation MB 7623/15 dated July 29th, 2015 conducted by wfk-Institut für Angewandte Forschung GmbH commissioned by BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Additional Features

Drum Clean: Maintaining perfect washing conditions

It’s not just your clothes that will be thoroughly clean. With the Drum Clean programme you can prevent the formation of odours inside the washing machine’s drum. Drum Clean effectively prevents the accumulation of odour-causing bacteria and ensures the washing machine stays hygienically clean.

sensoFresh: Certified by wfk Cleaning Technology Institute

Germany’s renowned wfk Cleaning Technology Institute has rigorously tested sensoFresh, finding a “Significant reduction of malodours after treatment in the sensoFresh program with activated ActiveOxygen function at both intensity levels“.

Investigation WL 7622F/15 of wfk – Institut für Angewandte Forschung GmbH on 6 different ready-made textiles with applied malodours (tobacco smoke, fat/onions, artificial food odours).

avantgarde Laundry Appliances: cutting-edge design and technology combined

Siemens’ avantgarde washing machine and tumble dryer models combine beautiful aesthetics with latest technology like sensoFresh and Home Connect to create masterpieces of style and functionality in your home. The washing machine has earned Which? Best Buy status for its versatility.

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sensoFresh is part of the iSensoric network of sensors found on Siemens appliances - designed to make life more convenient.

iQ700 Washing machines

With an elegant aesthetics and a host of technological features, the iQ700 series will ensure that laundry becomes streamlined in your home.

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