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Help others to find the perfect appliance by leaving a review. If you have a Siemens washing machine, oven, dishwasher, fridge or other appliance then you can rate your product and share your experiences with other customers. This helps us to improve our products and helps others who are still unsure of what Siemens appliance they should choose. Until 31.12.2018 you will receive a voucher code for 20% off the Siemens online shop to use on orders for accessories and care products*.

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Quickly find your appliance on our website using one of the two options below and then click “Write a review”, completing as much detail you would like to.

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*The Voucher Code will be supplied within a confirmation email once an appliance review has been given only on the Siemens home appliances website User must write an original review and leave a valid email address to receive the confirmation email and voucher code. This voucher code can only be redeemed online at and gives 20% off the entire shop sections. Please note that orders under £30 will be charged for delivery. Only one code can be used per transaction. Offer not available in the Republic of Ireland. Consumer offer only - cannot be used by trade account customers with a discount. Offer expires 31.03.2017.