Dishcare guide - tips and tricks for dishwashers

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Dishcare guide - tips and tricks

The Siemens Online Support Centre supports you by giving answers to many topics - installation, problems, Error-Codes, self-helps tips, videos.

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Select the topic you are interested in and get helpful information and answers. Siemens updates this dishwasher service on a regular basis based on consumer feedback. Please feel free to contact Siemens Service if you can’t find the information you need or have any questions. Siemens dishwasher service experts will be happy to answer your queries.

Setting up and connecting your Siemens dishwasher

As part of the Siemens dishwasher service, Siemens Service offers tips on how to set up and install your dishwasher, and how to connect it to the water supply, waste disposal and power. Also find out whether your dishwasher model can be connected to the hot water supply. The installation guide for your appliance gives details on dishwasher connections as well as inlet, outlet and electrical requirements.

  • How do I connect it to the Aquastop system, water tap, etc?
  • What do I need to know about connecting the dishwasher to the power supply?
  • How do I link the dishwasher to the waste water system and hose?

Answers to all these questions you will find in the user manual and the installation instruction.

Poor results? Here's how to get perfect dishwashing results

Are your dishwashing results not always what you expect?

Don’t worry, most of the time the reason for dishwasher problems are easy to identify and simple to resolve. Follow the dishwashing tips to ensure your dishes are sparkling every single time.

Read more about how to achieve perfect results – right from the start. Learn about dishwasher problems that may prevent perfect results and how to easily avoid them. What causes wet dishes? Read the tips on how to solve this dishwasher problem.

Cleaning and descaling for a longer life and avoid odours and other problems

Do you think a detergent tablet is all you need to use your dishwasher?

In fact, if you want it to work perfectly you need a few more things. But don’t worry – your dishwasher frees up much more time than it takes away.

Read the dishwasher tips on easy maintenance steps to clean and descale your dishwasher and keep it running longer. It might sound odd, but the appliance that cleans your tableware every day also needs to be cleaned from time to time. Siemens Service has a few tips for looking after your dishwasher to ensure you always get perfect results.

To prevent dishwasher problems and unpleasant odours, Siemens recommends cleaning the dishwasher at regular intervals. Clean the filters in your dishwasher regularly in order to avoid problems pumping out the water and to ensure the best results.

Is your dishwasher blocked or is there water inside? Are there pumping problems?

Common dishwasher problems that occur through everyday use include: dirty filters, a broken waste water pump, or water left in the dishwasher after a wash. Clean the sieves in your dishwasher regularly to avoid dishwasher problems with pumping out the water, and to ensure best dishwashing results. More info how to solve and avoid such minor problems you can find in the maintenance tips.

Error codes in dishwashers' display and other signals

The dishwasher display messages inform you about your dishwasher's status and lets you know if there is a dishwasher problem. The dishwasher error codes numbered from E01 to E30 to give you info about the status and warn you about any potential dishwasher problems. The list with Error codes and their explanations will give more info what to do and how to solve some of these issues on your own.

Siemens online assistant: troubleshooting and fault diagnosis

The online assistant identifies a dishwasher problem step-by-step using fault diagnosis and offers solutions to solve minor problems on your own. Enter your appliance model (E number) and then start the diagnosis by selecting the problem category and your particular dishwasher problem. This will provide helpful explanations and suggestions for resolving the issue.

User manual for your dishwasher

The user manual provides useful information on how to set up and use your Siemens appliance. Do you want to look up something in your user manual? Siemens service is providing online access to all appliance documentation. Here you can find appliance-specific information in the user manual as well as supplemental documents on other important areas for example, installation. As all documentation is appliance-specific, the model number (E number) of your Siemens appliance is required. Click here to find out how to identify your appliance and access the documentation.

Book a repair for your Siemens dishwashers

Sometimes your dishwasher has to be repaired.

As part of the Siemens dishwasher service, Siemens Service offers access to a wide network of service experts and engineers. Siemens Service is your trusted service provider for all kind of repairs to your Siemens dishwasher.

Our service technicians provide expert technical support for out-of-warranty repairs and repairs covered by Siemens manufacturer warranties.

You can arrange a repair using a contact form or by calling us directly.

Siemens Online Support Centre

Use the online dishwasher service to get help: Read the FAQs. Use the Siemens online assistant to identify your problem step-by-step. (You'll need your model number.)

Select the "Error codes in display" tab for error code information. Learn how to care for your dishwasher with Siemens how-to videos.

Siemens repair service

Siemens Service is your trusted service provider for all kind of repairs to your Siemens home appliances. We provide expert out-of-warranty repairs as well as repairs covered by Siemens manufacturer warranties.

Original Siemens parts

To find the right spare parts for your Siemens dishwasher, enter the appliance model number (E number).

To find the right cleaning and care products, select the appliance category.

For an overview of all accessories for your dishwasher model, enter the model number (E number) or product category.