Sensor technology for the perfect toast indulgence


Perfect toast for a perfect start to the day: sensorHeat control.

A good morning starts with a good breakfast — everything needs to be just right, including the golden brown and fragrant toast. sensorHeat control uses a sensor integrated in the toaster to adjust the temperature precisely to each new toasting cycle, ensuring even toasting and consistently brown toast.

Crispy bread rolls, like fresh ones from the bakery: the bread roll warmer.

If you don't want to bake bread rolls for breakfast, but still love eating them when they are warm and crispy, then the Siemens bread roll warmer is the perfect solution for a perfect breakfast.

Crumbs belong in your mouth — or in the crumb tray.

If there is anything about toast that could be improved, it would be its tendency to create crumbs. Thanks to the integrated crumb tray, the crumbs stay in the appliance so they don't cause you any problems. And you can easily pull out the tray to throw them away.

Remembers your favourite toast: the memory function.

Crisp toast, just the way you like it — thanks to the digital toasting level gauge with memory function. The intelligent function remembers your preferred toasting level and uses it for your next slice — so that you have everything you could ask for in the morning. You can even prepare bread that is frozen or not sufficiently toasted using the convenient and gentle defrost and reheat functions. For a breakfast to suit your tastes.

Additional information

Product details
  • "quartzRoast System / Quartz glass heater for especially gentle roasting
  • "sensorHeat Control": Electronic sensor for constant toasting performance
  • 2 slice
  • Cool touch
  • Digital toast degree settings including reheat and memory functions
  • Frozen bread setting
  • Cancel button
  • Automatic bread centring for eveness of toasting
  • Stainless steel Rack for bread rolls, Integrated
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Wattage: 860 W
Technical information
Brand Siemens
Brand Siemens
Product name / Commercial code TT86103
Product name / Commercial code TT86103
EAN code 4,242,003,535,585
EAN code 4,242,003,535,585
Product name/family Toaster
Construction type
Type of control Electronic
Appliance type 2-slot toaster
Heating type Quartz glass heater
Heat protection housing
Material body Stainless steel
Secondary colour Anthracite
Size and weight
Dimensions of the product (mm) 184 x 313 x 170 mm
Net weight (kg) 1.96 kg
Net weight (kg) 2.0 kg
Number of slices (Stck) 2
Number of slots (Stck) 2
Defrosting function
Rack for bread rolls Integrated
Thick&thin function
Crumb hatch
Crumb drawer
Retoasting function
Toasting degree selector LED display w. memory function
Dimensions of toaster cavity (mm) 150x34x115
One-sided toasting
quarzRoast System
sensorHeat Control
Power on indicator
Separate stop button
Technical details
Connection Rating (W) 860 W
Voltage (V) 220-240 V


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