Sbattitore a immersione

Un pratico aiutante. Per la vostra cucina.

Frullare, passare o spezzettare, i frullatori a immersione Siemens sono indispensabili nella preparazione delle vostre pietanze. Grazie all'impiego pratico e ai motori potenti, garantiscono risultati rapidi ed eccezionali, come succede ai professionisti.

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600 watts

Power designed to make day-to-day work in the kitchen easier and

less of a handful: efficiently, comfortably and quietly.

12 x speed

Always the right speed — for each process and each application.

12 speeds are available to choose from — and with a turboButton for maximum

power at the touch of a button.


Powerful, precise, ergonomic and stylish: the FQ.1 food preparation set combines advanced technology with the highest standards in design.


Unwelcome splashing when preparing food is now a thing of the past. Avoid mess with the antiSplash mixer foot — so your workspace remains clean.

750 watts

Optimum performance for optimum results every time. The exceptionally powerful 750 W motor delivers a truly professional performance when preparing food.


Endless power. The turboButton delivers maximum power and

fast, perfect results at the touch of a button.

highPerformance 4Blade

The sharp stainless steel QuattroBlade delivers a professional performance when processing ingredients and preparing food — quickly, reliably and thoroughly.