Canister vacuum cleaners

A new feeling of cleanliness. For your home.

A Siemens canister vacuum cleaner gives you a new feeling of cleanliness for your home. These powerful vacuums get your floors thoroughly clean. With their innovative technologies and clever design they deliver thorough cleaning performance with impressively little effort.

Number of models
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2500 watts

A very powerful 2500 watts ensures an extra-thorough cleaning performance.

10 m operating radius

Convenient, flexible and fast vacuuming — the long cord enables a 10 m operating radius.

highPower Airflow

The powerful and aerodynamically optimised fan ensures an ultra-high level of airflow for thorough cleaning results.


With or without a dust bag — dualFiltration is the right solution. Use a dust container to reduce follow-up costs or a hygienic dust bag to keep contact with dust to a minimum.

Microfilter (washable)

Efficient, washable. The hygienic filter system ensures clean, filtered exhaust air every time.

2200 watts

A powerful 2200 watts for a thorough cleaning performance.