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The beauty of the best architecture and design down the ages is that it has revolved around learning from the past and innovating for the present. Trends and fashions come and go, but beauty and quality are ageless.

It is also true for modern metropolitan architecture, which means that this intelligent combination of taking the best from the past to inform the designs of the future continues to this day. There is a self-confidence to the best modern interior-designed spaces, which means even the most uniquely, individually designed rooms seamlessly appear to be part of an overarching concept – this is reflected in the materials used, décor, lighting, window dimensions or flooring.

The best contemporary kitchen design is about aligning interior design concepts with a high degree of functionality. In other words: look great, but also feel great. Open-plan, seamless transitions from living areas to cooking areas are as attractive as they are intelligent. Such transitions reveal self-belief, and they reveal a person at-ease and comfort in their home environment.

Ensuring that both aesthetic and functional qualities remain exceptional can come down to the twin questions of what do I want in my space and what do I want to do in my space. The answers are integral to the creation of one’s preferred overall kitchen concept – one consideration is whether to choose built-in or freestanding appliances.

The clear, cool straight lines of built-in kitchens provide for a sense of perfection, manifested in confident smooth designs, appliances hidden from view, and an easy-on-the-eye philosophy. Slimmer units, such as with ovens and fridges, provide a total solution without protrusions, within an overall kitchen concept.

In contrast, a freestanding kitchen concept can engender a different kind of confidence, a sprinkle of individuality – there is subtle notion that freestanding fridges and other appliances demand a touch more limelight, a touch more attention. Freestanding Siemens fridges, for example, can be cleverly situated in a prime kitchen spot and can be larger than those usually designed for built-in models, standing out proudly within an overall high-design kitchen space.

Cutting-edge technology and innovative designs place Siemens appliances central to the aesthetics of contemporary kitchen spaces. Siemens appliances bring familiar geometric shapes and innovations together. Just as great architecture and designs have done for centuries, it is about taking the best of the past to inform the great spaces of today.

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