Siemens presents: The new fridges with iSensoric and hyperFresh.

A fridge full of sensors is full of chances.

Fridge-freezers with iSensoric and hyperFresh.

iSensoric for more flexibility in life.

Sensor-controlled freshness technology.

Freshness from top to bottom.

Easy-to-use features.

Freshness in best shape.

Brilliant design from any angle.

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Life is great when every day awaits you with a new adventure. Whether surprise guests come visit or a spontaneous weekend trip is coming up – with the new fridge-freezers by Siemens, you are ready for any situation. Thanks to innovative features, your food remains fresh for longer and is stored under optimal conditions. So simply enjoy life as you like. The fridge will take care of the rest.

Freshness under your control: iSensoric.

Innovative iSensoric technology brings the Siemens fridge-freezers from an excellent to an amazing level. Intelligent sensors ensure that you don’t have to worry about freshness and can simply enjoy it.

Many sensors, one goal: Freshness.

Siemens fridge-freezers with iSensoric keep your food perfectly fresh for longer and offer you maximum flexibility. To ensure this, sensors automatically transfer all the relevant information to the intelligent control unit, which then processes it.

Never defrost again.

The sensors inside Siemens noFrost fridges deliver all the information needed to define the precise defrosting cycles for the appliance – for instance about the surrounding temperature and the number of times the door has been opened. These controlled defrosting cycles prevent the build-up of frost on the inside of the fridge-freezer, which also keeps energy consumption consistently low. So you never have to defrost the freezer again – saving you time and effort.

Fascinating views.

Your fridge knows what your food needs.

Even the slightest changes in temperature, like the sun shining on the fridge-freezer, can affect the conditions inside the fridge – and thus the freshness of your food. To prevent this, freshSense measures the temperature on the inside and the outside of the fridge and knows when the surrounding conditions change. As soon as a change is registered, the control system immediately countersteers to ensure your food stays fresh for as long as possible.

Fresh, fresher, hyperFresh.

The hyperFresh drawer offers longer freshness and is extremely easy to handle. Furthermore, both form and function are made to provide a good environment for your fruits and vegetables. As a result, you can see the quality, feel the freshness and rely on your taste.

The right freshness drawer for any need.

Whether fish and meat or fruits and vegetables: Discover the various hyperFresh systems and find just the right solution for your everyday needs.

hyperFresh fridges: Masters of cooling.

Look forward to more options every day: With the new fridge-freezers by Siemens, your life is flexible, your food fresh, and your day easier.

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Features for your convenience.

Plus 54L capacity

From now on even more food remains even fresher: The new fridge-freezers with up to 54 additional liters of volume enable you to store an entire week’s worth of groceries.


The snackBox consists of five different dishes that can be removed individually to store finger food or leftovers. The practical box is placed beneath a shelf to save important space.

easyAccess glass shelves

For more convenience when adding and removing food, the glass shelves can now easily be pulled out till the middle on profile rails. This offers an easy slide and optimal view.

LED Illumination

The combination of the long-lasting spotlight in the ceiling and the flush, integrated lights in the side walls illuminates the interior perfectly without any glaring.

Freshness is a matter of taste.

In addition to innovative sensors and hyperFresh, the fridge-freezers also seamlessly blend in to your kitchen. Thanks to a combination of various colors and materials, you can customize your appliance to suite your personal taste: choose between white, stainless steel, black steel, glassDoor white, or glassDoor black.

Innovation by Siemens home appliances


Breakthrough technologies so intuitive, it will transform your home. Simplifying your day-to-day, while inspiring a new way of living. Siemens innovations – enjoy the future, today. 

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