EQ.9 connect fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine.

New dimensions to enjoyment.

With the new EQ.9 connect, you can discover the big, wide world of coffee all over again with an app.

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Siemens turns the coffee moment into the best part of the day.

With the EQ fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines.

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The fascinating world of coffee in the Siemens Home Connect app: enjoyment without limit.

The innovative Home Connect app is your direct line to the perfect coffee experience and maximum convenience. Simply download the app to a smartphone or tablet, register as a user, connect the EQ.9 connect fully automatic coffee machine to the WLAN network and discover a wide and entirely new world of coffee. Use the coffeeWorld to enjoy international coffee specialities, for example, or collect and store the coffee preferences of all your friends and guests with the coffeePlaylist, then send to the EQ.9 connect fully automatic coffee machine. What's more, the app also contains in-depth information on coffee and recipes for exclusive coffee creations. So you can steal the show as a coffee connoisseur or work the magic of a gourmet chef. Guaranteeing sheer enjoyment is as simple as that.


Wiener Melange, a Portuguese Galão or a Kaapi as drunk in India? In addition to the already extensive selection of beverages provided by the EQ.9 connect, coffeeWorld offers another 18 international speciality coffees that are typically drunk in individual countries and which can only be exclusively accessed via the app. This means that you can discover the whole world of coffee at home or relive a taste of your last holiday all over again. With coffeeWorld, the big, wide world of coffee is just a click away.

EQ9 Connect


Lots of guests with lots of different coffee requests: lots for a host to remember. With the coffeePlaylist, you can now enter all beverages you would like directly into the app in one go and even create them individually. The app sends this information to the EQ.9 connect fully automatic coffee machine. The beverages will then be individually identified with the names of your guests and prepared one by one. So you can indulge all of your guests easily, and almost automatically.

EQ9 Connect

Coffee recipes

The Home Connect app offers exclusive access to 47 carefully chosen recipes revolving around coffee – be it an aperitif, main course or dessert. So you can keep on finding new ways to enjoy this fascinating beverage. The EQ.9 connect offers a particularly convenient function for this: the versatile fully automatic coffee machine will always make the perfect coffee for each recipe, however unusual your creations. Alongside sophisticated recipe ideas, the innovative Home Connect app also offers a whole host of interesting and new information about beans, cultivation, roasting and the different types of coffee. So even real experts can extend their coffee knowledge.

The technology in the EQ.9 – for entirely individualised enjoyment of coffee.

Pure enjoyment. And that's it. Thanks to autoMilk Clean, which cleans your milk system fully automatically.

Anyone who has a passion for really good, aromatic coffee will go to almost any length to prepare it well – except when it comes to cleaning the milk system regularly. Which is why Siemens has developed autoMilk Clean. This fully automatic steam cleaning system activates after every beverage, ensuring perfect hygiene and relieving you of the job of cleaning the milk system every day. Milk residue just doesn't get a chance to develop. This allows you to just sit back and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Everything at the touch of a button – even for two beverages: oneTouch DoubleCup.

Whether a nice, strong espresso, a creamy cappuccino, a latte macchiato or a white coffee – no matter which of the wide range of coffee specialities you choose: with oneTouch DoubleCup, your fully automatic coffee machine will prepare the desired beverage quickly and conveniently at just the touch of a button. Even for two cups at the same time if desired.

Enjoy peace: with superSilent.

Significant noise reduction for the quietest fully automatic coffee machines from Siemens.

Separate bean containers for pure flavour at all times: the dualBean System.

For true flavour, a nice strong espresso needs a different bean to a decaf coffee, for example. With the dualBean System, always preparing your desired coffee speciality with the ideal bean is also child's play in a fully automatic coffee machine. Different beans no longer get mixed up thanks to two separate bean containers, each with their own grinder. Nor can containers be confused. The bean container last selected remains saved for each beverage. This always guarantees the taste you want.

Maximum flavour with the perfect brewing temperature.
sensoflow system

The sensoFlow System from Siemens, the only one of its kind in the world, guarantees maximum espresso enjoyment every time, thanks to its ideal, constant brewing temperature.

Coffee for true connoisseurs thanks to the fine aroma setting in baristaMode.

Five parameters are key to the best coffee or espresso: coffee strength, quantity, temperature, coffee/milk ratio and brewing speed. By switching from standard mode to baristaMode, even finer and highly personalised settings are possible. Catering for everyone's taste in coffee. This optimised setting celebrates the fine art of coffee preparation.

The EQ.9 connect fully automatic coffee machine. New dimensions to enjoyment.

Everything for that perfect moment. The EQ fully automatic coffee machines offer even more drinking pleasure.

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