The new Siemens avantgarde washing machine and tumble dryer.

When living a life less ordinary, there is no place for compromise. Look forward to a forward-looking appearance and enjoy laundry care appliances that are as expressive and individual as you are. Siemens avantgarde adds a touch of brilliance to your home – even for everyday tasks like washing and drying laundry.

Laundry care with maximum convenience.

  • Siemens i-Dos pictogram

Saving you time, the i-Dos system automatically determines the exact amount of liquid detergent needed for each of your laundry cycle and doses it with millilitre precision, depending on the weight of the load and what programme is used - for perfectly clean laundry with minimal use of resources and effort.

  • Siemens selfCleaning condenser pictogram

The selfCleaning Condenser prevents the dryer from becoming blocked with lint or fluff. The system cleans out the condenser several times during the drying program to keep the dryer’s performance high and its energy consumption extremely low.

  • Siemens myTime pictogram

Whether you're in a rush or have plenty of time, you can choose how long your washing or drying takes with myTime. Choose to run the programme from between 20 to 300 minutes, you decide. Now you can fit the laundry into your schedule without compromise.

  • Siemens myFavourite pictogram

With the memory function myFavourite, you can start your favourite programme with one touch on the multiTouch LED display. myFavourite remembers your desired combination of programme and possible options so you don’t have to set it up again for the next wash or drying cycle.

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Outstanding design and optimum washing.

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Outstanding design and exceptional drying.

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