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only ever buy siemens

Siemens still excellent quality and build need web site update


I’m simply impressed, don’t fully know all of the options but it is just simply amazing

Great product

I bought my dishwasher few weeks ago and I am really happy with it. My dishes are cristal clear and sometimes I am wondering if is on as is so quiet.

Love it

Love this fridge, would love compartments to put raw meat in at bottom tho.

Very happy with this appliance

Bought this appliance under a month ago and am very happy with its performance and features.

A joy to use and great results

We have this washing machine a little over three months now and it’s a joy to use. The automatic programme is amazing - the machine determines the weight of the load so you cannot put too much in and then dispenses the right amount of detergent depends on the soiling of the clothes! The iDos function is always a joy to work with. I would recommend using fabric conditioner that is concentrated so you don’t have to refill as much - you set how much volume of softener is dispensed for a normal wash. It’s very quite. Using the machine at night is not a problem - even the high speed spin is not that loud. Beautiful looking machine as well.

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