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A design language that says so much, with so little words.

Siemens: Design that goes beyond.

Built for your home, created for your life. Siemens design signifies a new way of living that is simpler, yet extraordinary; understated yet truly inspirational.

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Intricately thought-through straight lines that start on one appliance and perfectly continues on another. Simple geometric shapes and architectural elements that showcase elegance in a clear and concise way. A design language that is not swayed by ever-changing trends, but one that is uncluttered and timeless. One that is distinctly simple, yet profoundly inspirational. One that is as relevant now as it will be in the future.

Design that is engineered for your home, but created for your life.

To have a home that contrasts the inevitable fast pace, complexity and frustration you find outside of it. A home that allows you to breathe deeply, and have the time to enjoy those moments. Gerhard Nüssler, Head of Global Design at Siemens Home Appliances, refers to it as Simplexity, “The art of making highly complex technology simple to use,” so that it simplifies your life, instead of complicating it.

Each appliance communicates a sophisticated attitude and exudes streamlined elegance. This is echoed in the choice of high-end materials used: Chrome and black glass form a contrasting partnership that perfectly embody the refined design inherent in every appliance. Add to that an uncompromisingly intuitive user experience, and you realise that at Siemens form does not follow function. They work together, ingeniously.

Siemens Home Stories: It’s a lifestyle.

Join us on an inspirational journey where we stop in Berlin, Hong Kong, Stockholm and Antwerp to visit four magnificent homes that echo the simple, elegant, refined and intuitive aesthetic that defines the Siemens ideology. Meet the people who created these homes, and fall in love with a way of living that truly inspires. Because Siemens is a lifestyle.

Brilliant design in the heart of your home.

Your kitchen is where life happens. It’s often where you start your day and end it. It’s where unforgettable moments are enjoyed around delicious flavours with family and friends. It’s where we feast with all our senses. And in the Siemens kitchen, even more so. Choose between the understated yet unmatched elegant design of the built-in appliances or the bold and prominent free-standing kitchen concepts. Experience ingenious design, aesthetic appeal and cutting-edge technology where it truly matters.

Recognised brilliance.

The proud winner of numerous iF Design Awards and Red Dot Design Awards 2017, Siemens has found a recipe that works: Brilliantly thought-through modern design combined with equally outstanding cutting-edge technology. This powerful combination makes for an unparalleled intuitive and satisfying user experience. In the words of Gerhard Nüssler, Head of Global Design at Siemens Home Appliances, “These awards celebrate our continuous efforts to develop products with excellent performance and design aesthetics that appeal to progressive people with a taste for style.”

Siemens: The Magazine

From top chefs and designers to astute articles on the future of style, architecture and food, the Siemens Magazine will place you at the leading edge. Discover superb videos, insightful interviews and stunning photography by clicking here...

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