iQ700 modulAir domino hoodDowndraft

The modulAir system efficiently removes unpleasant odours directly at the source providing more flexibility in kitchen designing

  • Create flexible cooking options combining with electric or gas domino hobs
  • The motor is conveniently placed in the plinth area with space saving ducting to ensure that storage space and use of drawers in the cabinet is kept to a maximum.
  • The energy-saving BLDC motor and high air speed guarantee efficient extraction, right at the hob
  • The high performance grease filters remove grease right where it originates and are easily removable for dishwasher cleaning
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Basic information.LF16VA570B

  • Type of control setting and signalling devices
    7-segment display, touch control
  • Installation type
  • Width of the product (mm)
    94 mm
  • Noise level (dB)
  • Air circulation

More technical information.

EU Datasheet


  • 10 cm wide
  • Stainless Steel
  • Electronic control via Touch control

Key features

  • Touch control for extractor speeds and light
  • Automatic 15 minutes after running
  • 1 x metal grease filter cassette
  • Grease filter saturation indicator
  • Efficient BLDC motor

Performance/technical information

  • Suitable for ducted and re-circulating operation
  • For recirculated extraction CleanAir recirculating kit (accessory) needed
  • Extraction rate according to EN 61591 ø 15 cm:
    max. Normal use 540 m³/h
    Intensive 600 m³/h
  • Noise level according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 exhaust air:
    Max. normal use: 67 dB(A) re 1 pW (53 dB(A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)
    Intensive: 70 dB(A) re 1 pW (56 dB(A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)
  • 3 x power levels plus intensive setting
  • Power rating: 145 W
  • Automatic intensive revert
  • Noise max. Normal Level: 67 dB*
  • Extractor hose 150 mm
  • Dimensions (WxD): 94 x 520 mm
  • built-in dimensions (HxWxD): 900-1050 x 543 x 500 mm
  • Dimensions exhaust air (HxWxD): 900-1050 x 94 x 520 mm
  • Diameter pipe Ø 150 mm (Ø 150 mm enclosed)
  • Average Energy Consumption: 37.4 kWh/year*
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A+*
  • Blower Efficiency Class: A*
  • Grease Filtering Efficiency Class: C*

Technical Information


  • Width (cm)
    10 cm
  • Depth of the product
    520 mm
  • Construction type
  • Air circulation
  • Max. recirculation (m³/h)
  • Sound pressure max. normal
  • Type of control setting and signalling devices
    7-segment display, touch control
  • Energy efficiency
    A+: efficient
  • Total annual energy consumption


  • Home Connect

Construction type

  • Diameter of air outlet (mm)
    150 mm
  • Color body
    Stainless steel
  • Grease filter material
    Washable stainless steel
  • Grease filter type
  • Installation type
  • Material body
    Glass, Stainless steel
  • Number of motors (Stck)
  • Air circulation


  • Connection rating (W)
    145 W
  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm)
    130 cm
  • Frequency (Hz)
    50 Hz
  • Total power of the motors (W)
    145 W
  • Nominal power (kW)
    220-240 V

* In accordance with the EU-Regulation No 65/2014


extraction rate

The 600 m3/h extraction rate supplies clean air when cooking.

Intensive setting with automatic revert setting

The intensive setting temporarily increases the extraction rate when cooking is particularly intense, with automatic revert after 6 minutes.

Operating instructions


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EU energy label


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EU Energy Label

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