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Welcome to My Siemens

By creating a My Siemens account, you can register your appliances so that Siemens has a full record of your appliance details in the event of any important safety updates. Your account also allows you to make purchases from our online store and view order details.

Important safety notices for Siemens appliances

Customer safety when using your Siemens appliances is of paramount importance to us. We have identified a possible safety risk in a limited number of our Siemens tumble dryers and dishwashers which require an inspection by one of our trained and qualified engineers to establish their safety for continued use. Please check if your Siemens appliances are affected. To find out more information, please click the link below or you can contact our customer service team on 0344 892 8999.

Register your warranty

All Siemens appliances come with a two year manufacturing warranty as standard to protect against any manufacturing and material faults which may occur during this period, and selected Siemens models are eligible for a free five year warranty for added peace of mind.

To register your two year warranty or five year warranty, please log in to your My Siemens account or create a new account. Once this is completed, you will be able to register your Siemens appliances within this account. Any appliance you register will then be automatically registered for their standard two year warranty, and any appliance which is eligible for the free five year warranty will be automatically registered for this warranty.

My Siemens - Your benefits at a glance

The benefits of My Siemens

Your online account with Siemens allows you to...

  • Register the warranties of your Siemens appliances with options to extend them further.
  • Receive any important news and safety updates about your registered Siemens appliances.
  • View any completed and ongoing orders that you placed from our online store.
  • Choose to receive the latest content, news and promotions from Siemens.

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We strongly advise that you register all your appliance so that Siemens has full details of the ownership of your appliance. This will allow us to easily contact you in the event of any important product updates. Even if your warranty has expired, it is still advisable to register all your Siemens appliances so we have full records of the appliances you own. Please note this registration process is for home appliances only.

To register your appliances you first need to create a My Siemens account and this can be done by following the account creation steps above. It's important you register all brands of appliances that you own.