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Enhance your Siemens appliances with accessories

Enhance your Siemens appliances with accessories

Whether you're replacing a filter, searching for specialist cookware or looking for new ways to use your appliance, our accessory range provides the perfect solution to enhance your Siemens appliances.

View all accessories

Many appliances can be enhanced by purchasing tested and approved accessories. You can browse our range or contact us today to see what's available. Our online store provides everything you need, from recommended cookware to replacement dust bags and filters for vacuum cleaners. Select from the appliance categories below to view our available accessories.

Siemens premium cooking accessories

Cooking accessories

Discover our range of cooking and baking accessories for Siemens appliances, such as ovens and hobs. Siemens premium cooking accessories range from top-quality pans and trays to pizza stones and clever tools for awkward jobs – such as changing oven globes. Siemens cooking accessories enable your appliances to perform at their best so you get the best cooking experience.

Siemens quality accessories for cooling appliances

Cooling accessories

Add that extra touch to your Siemens cooling appliances and get the best performance.

Explore our range of perfectly fitting fridge accessories, which ranges from bottle shelves to butter dishes to water filters.

A world of dishcare accessories for your Siemens dishwasher

Dishcare accessories

With Siemens dishcare accessories you don't need to worry about how to secure your wine glasses or protect silverware in your dishwasher. Ingenious accessories, such as wine glass holders, cutlery or silverware baskets make sure that you get the best dishcare experience.

As well very smart installation, you will discover a world of built-in accessories which will get you the best results right from the start.

Vacuum cleaner accessories

Keep your Siemens vacuum cleaner in top condition with perfectly matching accessories, including dust bags, air fresheners and motor-protection filters.

Laundry accessories

Explore Siemens laundry appliances for smart solutions to special installation challenges. Siemens range of washing machine accessories and dryer accessories will help you save space inside your appliances and in the installation area.

In addition, you will find nets and other accessories for delicate clothes.

Coffee accessories

Discover the Siemens coffee-machine accessories you need for the best coffee experience. The range of accessories includes filters for your state-of-the-art machines, as well as delectable coffee beans.

You will also find mugs, coffee pots and milk containers for your daily Siemens coffee break.