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Built in appliances, designed to perfection.

studioLine: elegance and function in perfect harmony.

The new studioLine appliance range: fascinating design, exciting functions.

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The inspiring studioLine range combines extraordinary design and a unique style. studioLine appliances are more than just highly functional equipment – they form part of an ambitious lifestyle and an expression of individuality. Siemens studioLine appliances are created for those who are not satisfied with the ordinary and want to turn every day into something extraordinary.

Impressive design from every angle

With uniform lines that result in architectural clarity, studioLine appliances are designed to work with cutting-edge kitchen designs and materials. All studioLine appliances are crafted from state-of-the-art materials and build techniques, and feature incredible innovations that boost functionality and satisfaction. It’s no surprise that studioLine’s expressive design has led to prestigious design awards.

An extraordinary life needs an extraordinary kitchen.

studioLine is defined by exceptional features and details, which are only available in this exclusive range of built-in appliances. studioLine’s cutting-edge, high-quality built-in appliances combine innovative technology and unmistakable design. studioLine’s aim is to make everyday life as simple yet as extraordinary as possible. Discover how innovative, intelligent Siemens built-in appliances will help you save time, experience great taste, and enjoy cooking every day.

Outstanding design for your kitchen: studioLine ovens

The studioLine claim is perfectly simple: the best of everything. Innovative appliance technology, high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. You can see and feel it – and above all, combine it how you wish. The overall impression will always be clean and coherent thanks to the perfectly coordinated design. This offers you full scope to exclusively tailor your kitchen to your personal style. And your kitchen will even adapt to your lifestyle. Thanks to varioSpeed's time saving of up to 50%. For you this means less time spent cooking – more time for the exceptional things in life.

Intuitive operation: TFT Touchdisplay Plus

The user-friendly menu structure and touch navigation of TFT Touchdisplay Plus will make operating your oven simple and satisfying. Intuitive guidance through the extensive menu helps you get the most from your oven and tailor it to your tastes.

Perfect results every time: roastingSensor Plus and bakingSensor

Dishes will be cooked to perfection thanks to the new professional roastingSensor Plus and bakingSensor features. roastingSensor Plus features three different measuring points, accurately detecting the core temperature of the food and determining exactly when it is done to perfection. The bakingSensor measures the humidity level inside the oven to automatically identify when your dish is perfectly baked.

Faster cooking, greater results: varioSpeed and coolStart

100% flavour in only 50% of the cooking time. The varioSpeed integrated microwave helps with defrosting and heating food, but also shortens the cooking time of all dishes in the oven. Frozen food can also be cooked quickly thanks to coolStart function, and with no need to preheat. So as well as outstanding cooking results, you can save time and energy.

The oven that cleans itself: activeClean®

Thanks to activeClean® technology, your oven will clean itself at the touch of a button. During this process, known as pyrolytic self-clean, the oven heats up to a very high temperature so that particles of food remaining inside just turn to ash and can be simply wiped away afterwards. This isn't only the most efficient way of cleaning the entire interior of your oven – including the new pyrolysis-proof racks and rails – but also the most convenient.

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Continue to read the full list of products, features and elegant solutions in the studioLine range.

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