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Dish Care

Keep an eye on your dishes. With iSensoric.

Sensor-controlled technology makes washing the dishes smart, simple and effortless. For a life less ordinary.

Discover iSensoric

The fastest dishwasher ever. The iQ700.

Best results, even when reducing dishwashing time by up to 66%.

Discover iQ700 dishwasher
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Siemens dishwashers feature modern design and innovative ideas that make life easier. Fall in love with maximum flexibility. Thanks to practical functions, such as height-adjustable side parts and foldable flip tines, everything finds its place – from the largest ladles to the smallest teaspoons. Whether you're serving dinner to your family or hosting a party for friends, Siemens dishwashers ensure your dishes will be sparkling – in a flash.

Save time and get sparkling results with Siemens dishwashers

Catch every sparkle of light.

Wonderful moments are often captured in a sparkling glass. Candlelight shines deeply into a ruby red glass of wine. Glasses sparkle as they are raised in a toast. But what is the best way to keep glassware shining? Lipstick, wine stains and limescale are especially hard to remove. You can hand-wash them. First soak glasses in lemon, vinegar or baking soda to remove stains. Then wash gently. Finally, dry and polish glasses with a lint-free towel. Or use a Siemens dishwasher to clean and dry your glassware as if by hand. The Shine&Dry option uses additional rinse water to wash off all residues of detergent and also extends the gentle drying phase. The Zeolith® Drying technology uses zeolite minerals to absorb humidity inside the dishwasher and transform it into heat. And the Glass 40º programme cleans delicate glasses especially gently.

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Save time and get sparkling results with Siemens dishwashers

Slow the world down. By speeding up. With Siemens.

Time is the most precious resource we have. It is also one of the world's greatest mysteries. Is it a force we could one day harness and manipulate? Is it part of the "great scheme of things"? No one has yet unlocked its secrets. What we do know, however, is that time is relative. Siemens slows down your world by giving you more of time. We may not be able to manipulate the space-time continuum yet, but we can do our dishes in a minimum amount of time: with varioSpeed, you can reduce the time by up to 66%. We give you spotless dishes at great speed.

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Experience the fascination of urban living spaces, where cutting edge design fuses the modern, with the traditional and high-tech. Innovation and Design: a relationship constantly being reinterpreted by influential architects.

Siemens Safety Icon and appliances in background.

Important Siemens safety notices for Tumble Dryers and Dishwashers

If you own a Siemens Tumble Dryer manufactured in 2002, or a Siemens Dishwasher manufactured between 1999 – 2005 please act now.

Innovation by Siemens home appliances


Breakthrough technologies so intuitive, it will transform your home. Simplifying your day-to-day, while inspiring a new way of living. Siemens innovations – enjoy the future, today.