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Redefine your daily life: With Siemens and Home Connect.

Connected appliances for a connected life.

When intelligence meets connectivity: Wi-Fi enabled Siemens home appliances that blend into your seamless life.

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Enhance your lifestyle. By being connected and using the latest technologies, you can spend time doing what you want to do rather what you have to do. Discover a growing world full of exciting possibilities, with Siemens Home Appliances and Home Connect.

Manage more than just your appliances.

With the Home Connect App, you can already control your Wi-Fi enabled Siemens home appliances on your smartphone. And now, this technology has evolved into something bigger: an ever-growing network of partner services that turns your house into a connected home. Discover a life full of exciting possibilities.

Partners to connect with.

Control your Siemens appliances via voice, get replenishments automatically or connect to even more smart appliances and gadgets in your home. Learn more about our special partners and the fascinating possibilities they can bring into your life.

You talk. They listen.

Food and ambience are equally important when it comes to pleasing your guests, but how can you be in two places at the same time – preparing dishes in the kitchen, whilst entertaining in the living room? Now with Home Connect and the right partner, it just became possible.

Stay one step ahead.

Good friends are always welcome – except when they show up at short notice. It gets even more tricky when you don't have enough food in your fridge. What if you can look inside your fridge on your way home? Thanks to Home Connect, you can do just that whenever you want.

Connect to a new world, with smart connected appliances.

Set your favourite music to come on when the dinner is ready, set your oven’s light colour to change when it finishes preheating, or receive a push notification if the freezer door has been left open for too long. With IFTTT and the activation of connected “Applets”, all of this is possible. You can create new cases with non-Siemens appliances and services or choose from the wide range of ready-made “Applets”. Experience the endless possibilities of the ingenious collaboration between Home Connect and IFTTT.

Discover what Siemens appliances with Home Connect can do for you.

Siemens appliances with Home Connect can change the way you manage your daily tasks. Find out more about the Home Connect features on Siemens appliances.

Explore Siemens Home Connect appliances

The Home Connect App.

Download your free version of the Home Connect App.

Connected Partners

Through connections to a variety of partners, Home Connect revolutionizes the way we interact with home appliances.

Connected Appliances

When intelligence meets connectivity: the Wi-Fi enabled Siemens home appliances that blend into your seamless life.

Legal disclaimer

Please note that availability of the described functions and features varies across products.
Home Connect is a service offered by Home Connect GmbH.
Home Connect is only available in selected countries.
To use Home Connect, you have to create a user account and register with Home Connect GmbH.
For more information on Home Connect please visit the Home Connect Website: .

Siemens Customer Service

Siemens Services

Discover endless ways to get the most out of your Siemens home appliance through Siemens customer service. The Siemens Online Support Center as part of Siemens Service offers a wide range of options to make sure you get the best care if support is necessary.

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Important Siemens safety notices for Tumble Dryers and Dishwashers

If you own a Siemens Tumble Dryer manufactured in 2002, or a Siemens Dishwasher manufactured between 1999 – 2005 please act now.