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Siemens presents: hyperFresh and iSensoric technology.

Keep food fresher for longer

Innovative Siemens fridge freezers with hyperFresh and iSensoric technology offer more freshness and flexibility.

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Siemens hyperFresh technology enables you to store different foods in optimal conditions. By selecting the right temperature and humidity for different types of food, hyperFresh can maximise freshness and taste, and reduce food waste. Keep food fresher for longer with hyperFresh, freshSense and noFrost Siemens iSensoric innovations. Let your fridge take control of freshness.

Intelligent drawers to keep food fresher for longer.

Discover the various hyperFresh drawer systems, learn how they work, and find the perfect solution for your everyday needs.

freshSense technology: responsive temperature control.

Even the slightest changes in temperature, such as the sun shining on your fridge-freezer, can affect cooling conditions inside. Siemens freshSense technology monitors the precise temperature on the inside and the outside and adjusts settings to ensure food is always stored at the optimum temperature.

noFrost technology: no more freezer defrosting by hand.

Never defrost your fridge-freezer again. By carefully monitoring internal conditions, Siemens noFrost technology triggers defrost cycles to prevent the build-up of frost and ice, keeping energy consumption low, and giving you time to spend on more valuable tasks.

White freestanding fridge freezer
Sleek Steel freestanding fridge freezer
Charcoal grey freestanding fridge freezer
White freestanding fridge freezer with touch sensor
Jet black freestanding fridge freezer

Style and function in harmony.

Siemens fridge-freezers combine cutting-edge technology with contemporary styling to fit with your kitchen design and lifestyle.

Siemens fridge-freezers are packed with innovative technology that’s designed to make everyday tasks quicker and easier. Siemens’ intuitive and tactile touchControl interface ensures that your preferred settings are easy to achieve, while iSensoric sensors make sure that maximum freshness is continually maintained.

Increasing internal fridge-freezer capacity to 54 litres means that an entire week’s worth of groceries can be stored, and easyAccess glass shelves can be pulled out on rails for added convenience.

Siemens’ snackBox design provides a practical way to compartmentalise leftovers and finger food, and integrated LED lighting makes sure that everything is evenly lit and easy to find.

iSensoric: cutting-edge sensor technology.

hyperFresh, noFrost and freshSense are all part of the iSensoric network of sensors found on Siemens appliances designed to make life more convenient.

Explore iSensoric technology


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