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Siemens Home appliances - an extraordinary experience

Engineered today. Built for the future.

Siemens Home Appliances – an extraordinary experience, every time.

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When outstanding engineering, break-through technology and head-turning design are innovatively combined, the result is brilliant. It transforms ordinary functionalities into an unparalleled user experience.

The Siemens home brand heritage

Brand Heritage

Join us on a journey over the past 100 years, where we explore the incredible discoveries and technological break-throughs that Siemens has pioneered. Always one step ahead. Consistently developing appliances that revolutionise our households. Launching products yesterday, that belong in tomorrow.

Siemens Customer Service

Siemens Services

Discover endless ways to get the most out of your Siemens home appliance through Siemens customer service. The Siemens Online Support Center as part of Siemens Service offers a wide range of options to make sure you get the best care if support is necessary.

Siemens The Magazine

Siemens: The Magazine

From top chefs and designers to astute articles on the future of style, architecture and food, the Siemens Magazine will place you at the leading edge. Discover superb videos, insightful interviews and stunning photography by clicking here...

Innovation by Siemens home appliances


Breakthrough technologies so intuitive, it will transform your home. Simplifying your day-to-day, while inspiring a new way of living. Siemens innovations – enjoy the future, today.