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Siemens presents: the built-in appliance range.

Discreet appliances, worth shouting about.

The latest TV commercials for Siemens built-in appliances demonstrate their extensive capabilities: creating outstanding kitchens that are much more than just a place to cook.

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Siemens built-in appliances can redefine your cooking experience and kitchen atmosphere. Every single appliance stands out in three different ways: with exceptional technology, eye-catching design, and pioneering built-in solutions. Every feature is created to make your daily routine a bit more extraordinary.

Eye-catching design.

The kitchen has to represent your individual style, and so do your built-in appliances. They complete the look of a kitchen with their refined, cutting-edge design. Premium materials, like quality glass and steel, stir the senses with their colour and texture. The carefully designed fit of Siemens built-in appliances is a characteristic that helps to create exactly the desired look across all appliance types. It offers a number of options to combine the appliances in different ways to perfectly meet your design requirements.

In addition, the TFT Touchdisplay plus is clean and discreet when turned off. And when in use, the intuitive user interface features easy to handle touch navigation and user-friendly full colour display.

Exciting innovations.

The latest technology can enhance everyday activities. Innovations like hyperFresh premium, that keeps food fresh up to three times longer, and the inductionAir system which combines a powerful ventilation unit and a flexible hob in one, are typical of the Siemens approach to making every day more convenient and more pleasurable.

With the oven’s varioSpeed function you can even reduce cooking time by up to 50% without compromising on the result, and the oven even cleans itself with the activeClean® function. And the dishwashers’ brilliantShine system provides sparkling and dry results for your dishes without any manual effort. Siemens never stops challenging its designers and engineers to exceed your expectations.

Unique, flexible solutions.

Open-plan kitchens are more than a design style – they’re a solution to integrate cooking functions with your living space. For this kind of kitchen style, it’s especially important to have a powerful ventilation system that gets rid of kitchen smells before they get a chance to spread. The inductionAir System clears the air while being fully integrated into the hob: just one option for integrating extraction seamlessly into your kitchen.

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to planning your kitchen. Even your refrigerator and freezer can be combined however you want, thanks to modularFit. It assures a flawless fit without a build-up of moisture between the appliances. Thanks to the many technical solutions that Siemens has to offer, the possibilities of arranging kitchen appliances are endless.

Kitchens that inspire.

Cutting-edge built-in appliances need kitchen designs that match their style, functionality and purpose. This is what makes a truly high-performance kitchen become the hub of your home.

Design your dream kitchen…

Bring your kitchen vision to life with the new Siemens Kitchen Configurator. Create a visual mood board with customisable Siemens appliances and décor styles – ideal for sharing with interior designers, friends and family.

The future of kitchen design

Siemens built-in appliances are designed to work in harmony with cutting-edge kitchen designs.

Contemporary styles from around the globe.

Take inspiration from the best in global kitchen design.