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Tumble Dryers

Do your laundry. While you dirty your clothes.

Manage your Siemens dryer with Home Connect - from wherever you are, whatever you do. Home is where your app is.

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Maximum comfort. Minimum consumption.

The new Siemens heat pump dryers combine fascinating design and innovative technology with maximum energy efficiency.

All heat pump dryers

The most intelligent tumble dryer of all time. With iSensoric.

Thanks to the intelligent sensor-controlled features, your laundry is automatically and perfectly dried.

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State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of all Siemens tumble dryers. Heat pump dryers are high-performing and energy efficient because heat energy is cleverly retained to aid the drying process. Condensation dryers offer great flexibility - you can place them wherever is best for you because you just need an outlet connection.

Which dryer is the right one for you?

In order to make your dryer purchase a real success, there’s one vital question that needs answering before shopping: What model suits your specific needs and your spatial conditions?

Distinctions are made between heat pump, condensation and exhaust air dryers. Below you will find dedicated information an each of the dryer types.

Energy efficient Siemens heat pump dryers

Heat Pump Dryer

Heat pump dryers work particularly energy-efficiently: They use the majority of the energy of the hot exhaust air for the next drying step. This means that hardly any heat is lost. And here's how a heat pump dryer works: Hot air streams through the dryer drum and thus also through the wet laundry. The air takes up the moisture in the laundry and emits it back into the heat pump. Using coolant, the hot air is cooled off there. The warm air is transferred to the laundry, completing the drying cycle. The condensed water is collected in the dryer's condensate container or – for models with a drain set – drained via a hose directly into the waste water.

Siemens flexible condensation dryers

Condensation Dryer

Condensation dryers can be set up nearly anywhere a power outlet is available as they do not require an exhaust air hose.
Cool air is warmed and takes up the moisture of the laundry. In the condenser, the moist air is cooled off again with the extracted water being collected in the dryer's condensate container. The cooled air is now warmed up again and closes the circuit.

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