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For more of the extraordinary in the everyday: studioLine by Siemens.

Exclusivity in perfection.

The new studioLine range. Fascinating design. Exciting functions.

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A good climate in the kitchen – studioLine cooker hoods.

Whether a ceiling-mounted hood, table ventilation, wall-mounted or island hood – the stylish cooker hoods from Siemens in high-quality stainless steel will make annoying fumes quickly vanish.

The high-quality studioLine range inspires with an extraordinary design and a unique style. A studioLine appliance is not only an appliance, but becomes part of an ambitious lifestyle and an expression of individuality. Created for those who are not satisfied with the ordinary and want to turn the everyday into something extraordinary.

You can already look forward to more exclusivity, today. Siemens presents the new studioLine range: high-quality studioLine ovens and designer hoods boasting an elegant blackSteel design, as well as the sous-vide function and vacuum drawer for professional cooking and a unique tasting experience.

Experience the studioLine kitchen. Enjoy exclusivity.

Experience the studioLine kitchen. Enjoy exclusivity. It’s time to enjoy exclusive design and high-quality kitchen styling at home. You can now experience the studioLine kitchen, including studioLine built-in appliances, for yourself at selected cooperating partners.

New! Discover the exclusive blackSteel design.

Remarkably understated – introducing the new blackSteel design. Set apart by its elegant yet minimal appearance, the studioLine series is eye-catching from every angle. The new darkened front, the big stainless-steel control dial and the deepBlack glass door perfectly represents the uniqueness of this series. Combined with your kitchen furniture, an overall appearance of pure elegance and exclusivity is guaranteed in your kitchen.

A looker from every angle: the newly designed studioLine ovens.

Exclusivity gets an upgrade. The new blackSteel design radiates with high-quality materials, and boasts a streamlined elegant appearance. A new operating panel impresses not only with an optimal overview of the functions but also with its discreet design. The massive rotary dial, which is milled from solid stainless steel is a real attention grabber and inspires at every single touch. The overall image gets rounded up perfectly by the deep black glass door – for an oven that's as unique as its owner.

Set apart from the standard and from the wall: the new designer hoods.

You don't only eat with your eyes, you cook with them too. The designer hoods are just as impressive in the new blackSteel design. The operating panel and the high-quality black metal grease filter will inspire you every time you turn it on. The emotionLight Pro with 256 adjustable background colours is an added highlight. The amazing design experience comes full circle with the studioLine oven – for a kitchen, as extraordinary as its owner.

New! Cooking on the highest level: with the sous-vide function and the vacuum drawer.

Professional cooking was never so easy. The new Sous-vide function brings professional cooking to your home. With 100 percent steam cooking, vacuum-packed ingredients are gently heated at a low temperature. This unique cooking method maintains the vitamins and the aroma of your food, and generates an exclusive experience of taste.

Cookery at the highest level.

Professional cooking has never been this easy. The new sous-vide function simply brings professional cooking to your home. Using 100 percent steam, vacuum-packed ingredients get heated under low temperatures. This unique cooking method preserves the vitamins and the aroma, resulting in an extraordinary experience for your taste buds.

For intense enjoyment: the vacuum drawer.

For intense enjoyment: the vacuum drawer.

In the vacuum drawer, ingredients get vacuum-packed with an airtight pressure of 99 percent. This guarantees optimal heat transmission during the sous-vide cooking process. Food can be made to last longer, and marinades evolve to their full flavour,as spices become more intense.

Impressive design. Exclusivity from every angle

studioLine appliances always go together with aesthetic and well thought-through design. Characterized by uniform lines that result in architectural clarity, they boast forward-looking materials and workmanship techniques. The functionality of the design is entirely unique: all devices can be perfectly combined. Whether arranged side by side or on top of each other – a harmonious overall impression and feast for the eyes is always guaranteed. It therefore comes as no surprise that studioLine’s extraordinary and expressive design has led to prestigious design awards.

Performance that seals the deal. At top speed.

Prepare your favorite dishes in half of the time, thanks to the studioLine oven with varioSpeed. All studioLine ovens are additionally equipped with a Meat Thermometer Plus for excellent roasting results.

Discover attractive benefits for studioLine customers.

studioLine from Siemens is the incomparable built-in appliance range for all those who expect more from their purchase: more quality, more consultation and more service. Proficiency that is undisputed in the kitchen business. When purchasing several studioLine appliances, you will also become a VIP customer and get to enjoy very appealing benefits. Exclusivity included.

An extraordinary life needs an extraordinary kitchen.

studioLine is characterized by exceptional features, which are only available in this exclusive range of built-in appliances. studioLine’s modern, high-quality built-in appliances boast innovative technology and unmistakable design that truly astounds with its maximum performance and comfort. To make everyday life as easy as possible and to create extraordinary moments as a result – this is studioLine’s claim. And thanks to their innovative technology, our built-in appliances are so intelligent, they’re able to stay true to this claim. Discover how Siemens home appliances can help you save more time than ever before.

Design with function. Table ventilation system.

The elegant table ventilation system from Siemens studioLine is discreetly concealed in a stainless steel frame directly behind the hob. It is simply moved out when needed. With its unique form featuring a modern, minimalist design and above all its unconventional positioning directly behind the hob, it will not only attract every odour, but all eyes as well.

New perspectives for your kitchen.

The exclusive studioLine ceiling-mounted hood lets you create your very own kitchen experience, just how you want. Thanks to its sophisticated design it will blend in stylishly with any kitchen, offering greater scope for your culinary skills. The variable colour settings also mean it can be matched to your personal taste. And its performance speaks for itself. All odours produced in the kitchen are reliably drawn in and neutralised. Acting as a special highlight in your kitchen, it simultaneously offers you greater freedom.

New colours for ceiling-mounted hoods.

Because every kitchen is different, Siemens ceiling hoods are available in different models. Siemens will let you set off your kitchen with dashes of colour as accents. Make the coloured ceiling hood a special eye-catching feature of your kitchen or reflect the colour of your kitchen doors in the hood

Neutralises odours. The CleanAir recirculation module.

Thanks to its increased filter surface the new cleanAir recirculating module from Siemens studioLine can neutralize up to 95 percent of odours, turning them into fresh air. This figure is around 25 percent higher than for all conventional recirculating systems and matches that of an air extraction system.

The efficient grease separation rate is also comparable with an air extraction system.

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With the status of a VIP customer, you can secure high-quality additions to your purchases as a studioLine buyer. Plus, after registering your products on the website, you will receive attractive, premium offers that are not available in store. As a registered studioLine customer, you can also look forward to our newsletter. Here you will find exciting information and diverse recipes and tips from the well-known food blogger Jeanny. Virginia "Jeanny" Horstmann is a passionate food blogger and cookbook author. She has regularly published new trends and recipes on her Germany-wide blog "Zucker, Zimt und Liebe".

More service.

At studioLine, exclusive service is self-evident – from individual consultation and uncomplicated around the clock availability of our studioLine hotline {Cust Ser Phone No}, 365 days a year, to the 48-hour service for repairs.

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