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Introducing hyperFresh and iSensoric

Food stays fresher for longer

Siemens fridge freezers with hyperFresh and iSensoric technology are designed for freshness and flexibility.

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Siemens hyperFresh has rewritten the rules of refrigeration by allowing you to store different foods in optimal conditions. hyperFresh allows you to control the temperature and humidity in different storage areas to keep food fresher for longer, and enables you to down on waste.

Smart cooling that keeps food fresher for longer

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Reactive temperature control: freshSense

Siemens freshSense technology monitors the temperature outside your fridge-freezer to make sure that the temperature inside remains optimal, so you won’t have to worry about strong sunlight or central heating.

No more defrosting: noFrost

Siemens noFrost technology monitors internal conditions and automatically prevents the build-up of ice, so you’ll never have to defrost again.

White freestanding fridge freezer
Sleek Steel freestanding fridge freezer
Charcoal grey freestanding fridge freezer
White freestanding fridge freezer with touch sensor
Jet black freestanding fridge freezer

Form and function in complete harmony

Siemens fridge-freezers combine innovative technology with contemporary design to compliment your kitchen and your lifestyle. Siemens have reinvented cooling appliances for maximum efficiency and minimum fuss.

The intuitive touchControl interface makes staying in control simple, while smart iSensoric sensors maintain optimal conditions.

Increased internal capacity makes it easy to store a week’s worth of groceries and easyAccess shelves can be pulled-out for greater convenience.

Integrated LED lighting ensures that everything is easy to find and snackBox design provides practical storage for leftovers.

Smart sensor technology: iSensoric

Siemens’ iSensoric is a network of intelligent sensors, including hyperFresh, noFrost and freshSense, that are designed to help you get more out of your home.

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