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EQ.6 plus fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine.

Something special is on display.

The EQ.6 plus fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine with coffeeSelect display for intuitive control logic.

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Turns the coffee break into the best time of the day.

With the EQ fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines.

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Makes simple operation a unique experience: coffeeSelect Display.

Switch on and enjoy: Thanks to the coffeeSelect Display, the perfect coffee experience starts the moment you switch on the machine. The large user interface presents an inviting selection of international aromatic coffee and milk specialities. Thanks to its intuitive use concept, all functions can be accessed directly just by touching the sensor controls – making the simple act of preparing a coffee a unique experience.

Innovations included: Siemens technology in the EQ.6 plus.

And that's it. Thanks to autoMilk Clean, your milk system is cleaned fully automatically.
Anyone who has a passion for really good, aromatic coffee will go to almost any length to prepare it well. Except clean the milk system regularly. Which is why Siemens developed autoMilk Clean. This fully automatic steam cleaning system comes on after every drink, ensuring perfect hygiene and relieving you of the job of cleaning the milk system every day.

Everything at the touch of a button – and in two cups at the same time: oneTouch DoubleCup.
Espresso, creamy cappuccino, latte macchiato or caffe latte: With oneTouch DoubleCup your beverage is prepared at the simple touch of a button – it’s as easy as that. And even better: you can also get two cups at the same time.

Your personal favourite at the touch of a button: Favorites.

Your favourite coffee on demand. With favourites, you can save up to four coffee selections. Just choose your individual strength, size, temperature and the amount of milk you prefer for your coffee, and save it as your favourite beverage.

More choices for individual coffee moments.

Apart from traditional coffee specialties like espresso, cappuccino, caffe crema or latte macchiato, the EQ.6 plus offers you a wider selection of international coffee specialties. With the bonus button, you can now even choose exotic coffee specialties like americano or flat white.

The perfect aroma technology for the perfect coffee.

Ideal brewing temperature for maximum aroma: sensoFlow System.

To ensure that the full aroma of the espresso can be unlocked, the coffee must be prepared at the right brewing temperature. The ideal brewing temperature for a perfect espresso is between 90°C and 95°C. If the temperature is too low, only some of the flavour is released from the coffee. If the temperature is too high, the coffee will have a burnt taste. The EQ.6 plus fully-automatic coffee machine with the sensoFlow System – the only system of its kind in the world – always heats the water to the right temperature and maintains this temperature throughout the entire brewing process. Professional technology that guarantees you a professional espresso.

Finely ground with a fuller flavour: ceramDrive.

The high-quality ceramDrive grinder grinds the coffee beans to a particularly even consistency, allowing all the different flavours to develop during the brewing process – for an exceptionally aromatic coffee experience. Since ceramic grinders – unlike steel - are virtually non-wearing, long-lasting enjoyment of premium-quality coffee is guaranteed.

EQ.6 plus s700

EQ.6 plus s300

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