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Siemens presents: the iQ500 oven with fast preheat and coolStart.

Time to exceed your expectations.

Discover the iQ500 oven: speeding up cooking, giving you more time to excel.

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Siemens' iQ500 oven is much more than a kitchen appliance: it is a tool to free-up your time. The fast preheat function means that you’re ready to cook in no time, and when you’re finished activeClean technology means you don’t have to clean your oven. Less time spent cooking and cleaning gives you more time to be creative and to spend with family and friends. The iQ500 oven brings together cutting-edge technology and seamless design to showcase the very best of Siemens.

Designed to shine.

Sleek design and high-quality materials make the Siemens iQ500 oven an enviable kitchen focal point. With Siemens beauty isn’t just skin deep: the iQ500 is packed with innovations that will change the way you cook forever.

Flexible and innovative cooking.

The innovative built-in microwave with hot air and steam-function makes the new iQ500 oven extremely versatile. Fast preheat, cookControl and the steam function ensure best results and gentle preparation of dishes in the shortest possible time. Together with the warming drawer you can perfectly combine different appliances to achieve an outstandingly functional, stylish and highly performant kitchen.

iQ500 Features

Stylish cooking interface: lightControl.

Siemens lightControl provides intuitive and stylish oven control at a glance.

Reliably perfect roasts: roastingSensor.

The Siemens built-in thermometer allows you to accurately measure the internal temperature of a dish, taking baking and roasting to a new level.

Cooking made easy: cookControl.

Siemens cookContol has rewritten the rules of the kitchen by making ovens much smarter. With 30 automatic programs, just enter the type and weight of food you’re cooking to achieve perfect results every time.

Excellence on every level: 3D hotAir plus.

Siemens’ innovative 3D hotAir plus distributes heat consistently throughout the oven, allowing you to cook on three levels at the same time - with perfect results.

Innovation that stands out: varioClip.

Siemens’ flexible varioClip system allows you to quickly reconfigure the internal set-up of your oven and choose the ideal height for telescopic rails and shelves.

Discover activeClean®.

With Siemens activeClean® technology you’ll never have to clean your oven again. Just wipe-up any spills and let the iQ500 do the rest. Set the oven to activeClean® and it superheats, turning cooking debris into ash which can be easily wiped away.

Discover coolStart.

With the coolStart function, you can now prepare frozen food without pre-heating the oven first. Just enter the cooking time and temperature, and start the baking process without preheating.

Design your dream kitchen…

Bring your kitchen vision to life with the new Siemens Kitchen Configurator. Create a visual mood board with customisable Siemens appliances and décor styles – ideal for sharing with interior designers, friends and family.

Siemens Kitchen Configurator


Innovative technology for maximum cooking convenience.

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Steam ovens

For more flexibility in cooking healthy and tasty dishes.

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